Modified HST Training

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    Lightbulb Modified HST Training

    Hello all! Im new to this board but alot you may be familar with some of my posts on the message board. Anyways, Ive been reading alot of the training articles on here. Ive just started back to college and am very busy and Ive been looking at the HST method of training. It has some very interesting concepts but the only part of it that bugs me is the variety of excercises. For example, you do Incline bench three times a week. To me, That doesnt seem like your hitting the muscle group from enough angles. Correct me if im wrong, but wouldnt it be better to get at all angles each week. For example, Monday-incline benching movement, Wednesday-flat benching movement, Friday-decline benching movement. And you would do this with each muscle group. Please with reply with any thoughts you may have on this. thanx.

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    check out DC's cycles for pennies thread over at animal's forum; or the blurb of it that iron addict posted in this same forum

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