My Lifting Straps Keep Breaking

  1. My Lifting Straps Keep Breaking

    I regularly do barbell shrugs with an over/under grip and lifting straps. I have a weak grip and rely heavily on the straps. Unfortunately, no matter what straps I try, they keep breaking. The usually break at around 495-585lb shrugs. I've used all the crappy-store brands like Valeo and Harbinger straps, and they break like crazy. I've been using Schiek's PLS-1000 straps lately, and I get about one broken strap per 1.5 months. It's about time for me to purchase a new set of straps and I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems and could reccomend a good pair of straps. I've been looking at APT's straps (I like them camo ones) but the descriptions are vague and I cannot determine which would be the stongest.

    Any recomendations (about straps, not about strengthening my grip)?

  2. Your shrugging 585lbs WTF!!!! Nice job on that brotha, but good luck finding a strap that can withstand that type of abuse.

  3. Have you or anyone else tried the lifting straps with the metal hooks ?

    I had always wrapping the bar, and if it is not just right then I cannot hold it the way that I want to. I was possibly thinking about switching to the metal hooks instead.

  4. I used to use hooks but the bar kept slipping out of them. I tried the harbinger hooks. The hooks also broke out of the neoprene a couple of times too. I've seen hooks that look like they would hold the bar on APTs website, but I have not tried them. Anyone tried those? Maybe that'll work for me.

  5. Have you tried leather lifting straps?

    Also why not work on your grip a little so the straps don't have to work as much,
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  6. I've never tried leather ones, I always assumed they would be worse. I'll give them a shot though. I have really tiny hands, and carpal tunnel syndrome, so my grip is pretty much hopeless.

  7. The most i ever hold is 405,but i have had the same straps for a while now,maybe a year,They're ALTUS,i bought them from sports authority.Leather ones sound good though.Ididn't know they had those.That will prob be my next pair.Do you actually raise the weight,or do you "throw" it?If you're throwing it,you could lower the weight,and have a more controlled lift.

  8. I follow propper (I believe) shrug form. I slowly raise my sholders to the apex of the scapular elevation, drop, and repeat. I don't "roll" my shoulders at all, this rotation is orthogonal to gravity's force vector. Though lower and middle trapezius fibers can benefit from movement in this orthogonal plane, they are heavily used as in synergy with many common other exercises making the rolling completely unnecessary.

    It's funny, my straps never used to break at other gyms. It seems like the newer equipment at the gyms which I am a member of have newer, more gnarled grips which may be decreasing my straps' life spans.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jackery View Post
    It's funny, my straps never used to break at other gyms. It seems like the newer equipment at the gyms which I am a member of have newer, more gnarled grips which may be decreasing my straps' life spans.
    That makes perfect sence!

  10. Well you could always just go up to the front desk of the gym and tell them you left your straps there the day before and see if they have any in a lost and found type thing. Kind of a scummy move, but I know at my gym the have a box full of straps and gloves that people leave behind and one of the trainers always gets nice leather ones for himself. If you do go with the leather straps check these out
    Leather Straps
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  11. Actually, you can "check out" straps at one of my gyms. I'm just afraid I'll snap one of their crappy, worn straps and be charged like $20 or something ridiculous.

    I like the lost and found idea though (I could use a new cell phone). j/k

    Those APT leather straps were the ones I was looking at. I was also considering these:

    And these:


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