Iron Addict Moving Slow

  1. Iron Addict Moving Slow

    I just wanted to take the time to apologize for any posts directed to me, emails, or phone calls (for training clients) that have been missed or had a slow response time over the last week and a half or so. I was coming back across the street from my neighbors house barefoot and in the dark when I went one way and my ankle went another. Itís getting to the point I can finally walk on it without whimpering like a girl too much, but it really impacted my daily schedule and workload the last week or so. The first week it was barely tolerable sitting at the desk for more than about 45 minutes. Now that I can Frankenstein walk and sit at the desk I will catch back up on the many threads and emails.


    Iron Addict

  2. Ouch.. sorry to hear about that IA. Take care of that ankle.

  3. Ditto. Good luck on a speedy recovery.

  4. update bro? hope you're better!

  5. i jus now saw this and hope u r doin blaze said..any updates?

  6. Yes, it's getting LOTS better and I am going to attempt to squat in the morning. That should be fun!

    Iron Addict

  7. Lol, pretty hardcore! Goodluck with that!


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