I have two questions regarding two seperate injuries. Currently im a a mess. Im getting hernia surgery monday and have two other injuries which have been plagueing me. The first is a left shoulder(non-dominent) injury which im not sure what it is. The shoulder only hurts when i do chest/ shoulders or biceps. It doesnt hurt when i catch a football or do anything else. The pain comes on slow but intensifies to the point where it feels like i have a 'pump' in my left shoulder and it really aches. Any idea what this could be? The second injury is a left hamstring injury. I have complete flexibilty in my hammy when touching my toes and no pain, but when i try and put my leg to the side and strecth or spread my legs sitting and strecth the pain is really sharp from the mid part of my hammy up. The hammy injury happened sqauting and i kept sqautting through it and running. I guess it must be hurt pretty bad because its been 4 weeks off from running and sqautting and it isnt healing. Ive been heating and strecthing and icing everyday but the pain is still there and if i were to run it would tighten up. Any help?? thank you