As a member of the NSCA, I get monthly research article. I just took the time to read this one and I found this interesting for you personal trainers out there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
The Influence of a Personal Trainer on Women’s Resistance Training Intensities

The following study was designed to determine the influence of a personal trainer on women’s self-selected intensity levels during resistance training sessions.

The participants included 46 women, all with a history of resistance training. Twenty-seven of those women trained individually and 19 trained with a personal trainer. During the study, the women were required to choose a resistance that they could complete 10 repetitions with for the chest press, leg extension, leg press and seated row. The participants were then tested for 1RM values for each exercise, and the data were compared for relative intensity in percentages.

On average, the personal training group self-selected significantly higher 10RM intensities than the self-trained group of women for all exercises except the leg extension. In addition, 1RM values were higher in the personal training group for the leg press, seated row, and chest press. Ratings of perceived exertion were also significantly higher in the personal training group for the chest press, seated row, and leg extension.

These results allowed the researchers to conclude that supervision of a personal trainer leads to greater 1RM strength, greater self-selected workout intensities, and greater ratings of perceived exertion during resistance training sessions.

Ratamess, N. A., Faigenbaum, A. D., Hoffman, J. R., and Kang, J. (2008). Self-selected resistance training intensity in healthy women: The influence of a personal trainer. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, (22) 1, pp. 103-111.