BEST workout for building Longus????

  1. BEST workout for building Longus????

    seems like a hard one to hit well.

  2. well lets start here......what the hell is the longus

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pantera101 View Post
    well lets start here......what the hell is the longus
    i believe it is the muscle of the inner thigh...not positive though
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  4. If it's the inner thigh,mine get sore from deep sq's,really sore,and when i say deep i mean down untill you cant physically go down anymore(the only way to sq).You could use the vagina tightening machine if not.

  5. Sumo squat/deadlift
    leg press w/ feet high/wide

  6. its the front of the lower leg.
    the one that pops out when you press down with your heel.

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    and the tibialis anaerior.

  8. I have seen people on the internet put a dumbell in their feet have their legs hanging off the bench,and raising their toes up and down.I tried it and it sucked,so i stick with reverse toe raises on the leg press.I put my feet to where they are just completely on the platform and then raise as hard as i can with my heels.It doesn't take as much weight as regular calf raises.I have read that people have been able to bust through plateaus by working that muscle cause it was lagging.Much like being able to get bigger arms by making your back bigger.

  9. Thanks for the correction, Chad.

    A way I've found is to sit on a seated cable row station, attach a short "t" bar (straight) to the cable, then put the bar around the upper half of your feet or toes. Then, you can contract.

    The bar at my gym rotates along its axis, so I have to be careful not to let it roll off my foot.

    But, these work.

    Also, an afterthought - what if you just stood up, placed the end of a BB or EZ curl bar (weighted if you are the man) on your foot. Then, raise it off the ground by raising the front of your foot.

    Hmmm... may try this. Hopefully it won't hurt my feet.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Chad View Post
    its the front of the lower leg.
    the one that pops out when you press down with your heel.
    The one that hurts like a B when you have "shin splints"?

    Try doing toe raises. Stand on top of a box or something, like you're doing a calf raise, except your facing backwards. Squeeze your longus muscles to bring your toes up. Make sure you hold on to something for balance (I don't want my big guy gettin' hurt )
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  11. thanks guys. ill try all of those. ive been hitting my calfs a lot and have been seeing good results but i want to get the front bigger too.

    thanks again.


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