Training and Treament for herniated disc(s)

  1. Training and Treament for herniated disc(s)

    I recieved this email today and thought I would post my response here so you gents could chime in to.

    ============================== ===================== 

    Dear Windward:

    I was just scanning the threads, and noticed that you have visited a
    chiropractor for a herniated disk.

    I am seriously considering going to a chiropractor for my herniated disk,
    which was confirmed with an MRI.

    What is your opinion of chiropractic care? Have you had a positive
    experience with your chiropractor? I am in physical therapy for my hernated disk,
    but the approach doesn't seem aggressive enough to get me cured.

    I appreciate any advice/feedback you may have.

    Take care and happy holidays!


    Skip Smith

    P.S: How is your shoulder situation. I forgot to tell you that I just
    completed physical therapy for rotator cuff tendonitis, and it is taking
    forever to heal. It's depressing.

  2. Skip,

    I did use Chiropractic as my path to healing and beleive that it can work well. Speicifcally you need to find a Chiro that uses "traction tables" that stretch the spine. In conjuction with that I used ART (Active Release Therapy) and suggest that to anyone with any kind of body part injury as it is AMAZING!

    It also depends somewhat on the type of herniation you have.

  3.      Personally, I think I would combine the PT with seeing the chiropractor. The combination of the two should be aggressvie enough for just about anyone but the main thing I would be looking for in the chiropractor is one with experience in herniated disks.  

         I have seen a chiorpractors over the years with lower back muscle spams and it has help but earlier this year, my doctor actually found out what was going on with my back, degeneration of the cartilige between the L4&L5. But I still believe in the benefits of chiorpractice care. Especially, for skeletal/muscular care things.

    Just a suggestion: WW7, you might want to edit the guy's email just so some spam bot doesn't find it on the board and add to his junk mailing problem

  4. Dear Windwords7 and Matthew D,

    Thanks for your input!


  5. Originally posted by ClarenceSkip
    Dear Windwords7 and Matthew D,

    Thanks for your input!

    Ahh....nothing like ART

    And welcome over Skip.....

  6. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    Ahh....nothing like ART

    And welcome over Skip.....
    Indeed, ART is a wonderful thing! Hope that helps Skip! Keep coming around to the best board there is!

  7. I have had herniated disks in the past to the point where more than one doctor recommended that I have them fused. At their worst, the disks were totally ruptured.

    I found that a chiropractor was useful in easing the immediate pain - but for long term gain you are going to have to take care of yourself or you will be right back on the chiropractor table.

    Check out the Treat your Own Back for one of the best books on self care. I also found yoga to be extremely helpful in making sure my back stays in shape. I passed on surgery and although I don't squat 850 pounds anymore, my back feels great.

    I hope this was helpful,


  8. Thanks Jorta for your input, as well as for the link to Treat Your Own Back.

    Happy Holidays!

    Skip Smith

  9. Good info here on how to treat disc problems. I have had a lot of people come through my ORs and have done several disc surgeries. They are supposed to feel better as they heal and yes most do. I do see some that have come back later because their back still bothers them. I agree with the ART, chiropractor, and trying some physical therapy. Like Matt said I would try yoga as well. I pulled a muscle in my back several years ago and have thought about learning as of late to try and prevent any future problems and making my back stronger in the process. I watch how I train my back these days and will continue to do so to be preventative in any future back injuries.


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