Flat Bench VS Dumbell Bench

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  1. I agree that DB bench is definitely better for growth, however, do not neglect BB bench. One problem with DB bench is that it does promote free range of motion. Free range of motion allows the body to find the path of least resistance, basically the easiest way to push up. For most people this means the arms come in closer and you tend to use more of your triceps than you would had you been using a BB. A lot of people notice that even though they are extremely strong using DB, when they get under a BB they feel weak.

    I have found it works best for me if I use two sets of workouts rotating week by week. One week I have about 2-4 sets of BB bench to start out my chest day and the next week I don't use any, this way I am increasing strength throughout my chest.

    This may work for some of you .

  2. Quote Originally Posted by grantr View Post
    When the arms come closer, you can incorporate more of your chest.

    I go through phases of benching and doing DB work. I recently started benching again after a 20 week break and my numbers are greater than what they were before. I prefer DBs but I don't have access to heavy enough DBs ( I only have up to 130, and thats with putting magnetic weights on the 120s ) so first I tire myself out on bench, then I hit it with DBs.

    The problem is not BB vs DB. The problem is with the form you use. When benching or db pressing you MUST keep your shoulders out of the picture. Do this by squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping your shoulders DOWN. You don't have to extend your arms all the way up, and you'll see you can't extend them as far if you keep your shoulders back and down. That is a sign you are doing the exercise CORRECTLY. God don't even ask me how many people I see doing chest presses wrong, its like 98% of the people I see, and it bothers the piss out of me.

    I recently started incorporating DB press into my chest routine. I now rotate the two every few weeks. It was hard to break the BB Bench habit but I am loving the pump from the DB's. I also have the same problem as you but worse...@ my gym the DBs only hit 100lbs! Tonight I incorporated a modified rack-drop set...100-80-60-50 to failure no rest. DAMN!!!

    I think a big part of my increased pump from DB presses is the advice from Charles Glass...which you make mention of here. Keeping the arms close and elbows slightly forward allows for more pectoral contraction and virtually eliminates delt work. The slower controlled movements allowed me to feel all the work directly in my chest. In fact, I did an entire chest workout w/DB's tonight and it was one of the best chest pumps I've had in months. DB Bench, DB Incline, DB Flyes, DB Pullovers. Burned out with Perfect Push-Ups to failure. Great stuff! Great thread!!

  3. I always do Barb Bench first and later in the workout ill do Dumbell Bench. Is this really bad? i just never feel like im spent after benching and my chest has more

  4. Depends how many exercises you do. I wouldn't overly kill my chest if I feel like doing a bit more I go to the chest press machine quick and rock out a few sets to put the icing on the cake. If you find your chest isn't really killed why not add in something different to take advantage of it.

    The question I have is when doing DB press how many of you turn the dumbbells at the top position (palms facing).
    Another question I know this is totally side-tracking but how important do you think decline press is, I haven't been doing it these past 2 weeks because I'm doing lower volume.

  5. I like bench for strength, Db for contour.

  6. I did dumbell last summer during my cut. When bulking came back on I did flat bb and incline db. Few months later I see people I havent seen since and they go MAN YOUR CHEST SHRUNK! Back to dumbell I went! Im gonna keep flat dumbell, but might incorperate bb incline just to see what happens.


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