Shoulder ache

  1. Shoulder ache

    hey guys. last night i was military pressing and once i set it down i got a deep ache in my deltoid. when flexing it by clinching a weight it'd bulge out much moreso than my other. today it's still sore, i've been icing it and it kinda helps. no idea what i should do. should i just keep icing it? maybe some icy hot? thanks in advance guys

  2. Could have just spazzed it. Ice is good to keep the swelling down, ibuprofen I would take for the inflammation. Other than that, for me it takes a week or two to feel better.

    Side note, I ice my shoulder for 15-30min at a time 4 times a day when I twang it. Always felt great afterwards

  3. I would continue to ice it and see how it goes. If it not better time to get an MRI to make sure.

    I am heading the same place for both shoulders during the middle of the month.
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