Low arches and squatting

  1. Low arches and squatting

    I have extremely low arches, in fact, I'm damn near flat-footed. Could this be part of the reason why I have trouble squatting? When I go low my knees want to go inwards. Also I feel alot of pressure on my shins...

  2. It might be.. you can get inserts for your shoes that might take some of the pain away from you shins. If it were me, I might see if I could get an appointment with an orth. doctor to discuss this.. but you might want to make sure you get one that has had some experience with sports and lifting...

  3. I also have the nearly-flat feet. I got inserts just as Matthew D says, and it does help tremendously, although I never had as bad a problem with my knees as that.

  4. If you cant get the inserts right away you can try placing a black mat (most gyms have them) just under your heel. this will make you lean a little more forward taking the pressure off your shin.
    are you squatting right? since I can't watch your technique its hard to come to a good conclusion to this problem.

  5. I tried wearing hiking boots instead of basketball shoes and that seemed to help alot. Also I think that my flexability was a problem, since i've been stretching more squats are alot smoother.



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