uneven development

  1. uneven development

    I have an uneven development question, although not necessarily what you expect from that title. Its not about symmetry, its about body parts. In the last 8 weeks, while bicephas remained more or less constant size, chest a little smaller (I have lost fat, not muscle) shoulders even waist down, my forearms have grown almost a full inch I like it, they are looking thick for sure, but i'm wondering what would cause it?

    I'm doing no forearm specific exercises, they are only being hit as part of compounds. And although my overall volume has gone up, the exercises my routine is made from are not new ones to me.

    Is this just my forearms playing catchup? They were somewhat small vs my bicep size before (around 11 inch forearms to 15 inch bis) so it seems more proportionate now.

  2. My forearms were always a BIG part on my body. Even when i was 160 lbs my forearms looked like they belonged on someone who weighed 220.

    They still are a big part on my body but im obviously more developed all around to make it look normal. All this while never touching a forearm exercise!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I'm doing no forearm specific exercises, they are only being hit as part of compounds.

    Is this just my forearms playing catchup?
    For myself I have never done, nor ever seen the sense in, doing forearm work.

    Heavy weighted pulls of most kinds provide sufficient development. As well do hammer curls. Aside from that no need for the direct work myself.

    I would suspect it is a catch up.

  4. It was just the oddity of them both up by over 10% sizewise in 8 weeks while most of the rest of me is unchanged or even smaller. But thats what I was thinking, they were the weakest link strengthwise so they would fatigue earlier than the other muscles they were "compound" with in exercises so limiting the other muscle growth. I like em bigger

  5. usually the forearms will grow on their own w/o hitting them directly if you don't use supports like wrist straps. Especially with movements like the deadlift or heavy shrugs. I've noticed the same thing just going heavy and never using wrist straps.



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