is it ok?(HIIT)

  1. is it ok?(HIIT)

    is it ok to do HIIT workout on the tredmill everyday when i work out? i feel as though it gives me a better workout but you guys always say 3 times a week. well i work out 5 times a week so i needed to know if it was ok to. thanks in advance

  2. That certainly depends on your goals and your current BF%... if you're really trying to shed pounds.. it's more than likely ok but keep in mind, if you're doing it 5 days, you're more than likely burning hard earned muscle along with the fat..

  3. It will help out with your conditioning, but you will want to probably eat around maintenance kcals. You can easily burn 1000 kcals in a lifting and HIIT session (and that's not even factoring in EPOC).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. I agree with smoundzou, depends on your goals. However, the problem of doing HIIT 5 times a week together with lifting is that you risk overtraining. You may not notice it straight away but the intensity of the lifting session will suffer if you pursue this frequency of HIIT for a long time. Have you considered alternating the frequency of HIIT on a weekly basis ? 5X one week, 3X the following week, and so on? That way you: a) cycle HIIT, cycling is always good as it prevents the body to adapt to a particular routine, b) are less likely to overtrain

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