cardio during bulking, aerobic or anarobic?

  1. cardio during bulking, aerobic or anarobic?

    I'm going on a bulking phase soon and I would like to know opinions on cardio. My focus in bulking is to add LEAN body mass, I'm planing on switching to a 3 day split:

    day 1 - chest, tri's, shoulder
    day 2 - cardio, abs
    day 3 - back, bi's, traps
    day 4 - cardio, abs
    day 5 - legs
    day 6 - cardio
    day 7 - off

    In light of a recent article by windwords7 on the fat burning effects of aerobic cardio I was thinking about using that type of cardio to limit bodyfat accumulation while not burning too many calories. I currently do a four day spilt with high intensity interval cardio on the tredmill followed by a similar interval on the bike.

    So should I stick with the high intesity on my rest days, since minimal body fat accumulation is still a concern, or would the aerobic cardio accomplish my goals and lend itself better to keeping calories high?

    Thanks in advance for the opinions.


  2. To answer my own question, and perhaps to help if anyone that has seen this thread and wondered the same thing, I am posting the link to an article that I found that seemed to address this topic directly. While I can't speak directly of the accuracy of this post, the science and research seems to be there.

    check it out if your interested, and if I'm the only one that didn't know this and should have looked harder before posting then I apologize to all of those I subjected to a stupid question.


  3. my myself do something similar to yours but instead of HIT I do low intensity , I want to recover from my workouts and progress every time i hit the gym while mantaining my BF in a good spot.

  4. Thanks for the opinion Raul, I sincerly appreciate it. I'm not starting my bulk cycle for about 2 weeks, and to be honest I'm still swaying back and forth on exactly what kind of cardio I want to do. The above link really seemed to address the issue I am considering, but your point also makes a lot of sense. I don't want to overtrain and thus limit my gains, but I also want to promote the most lean mass gain with the least fat gain as possible. Again, all personal opinions and experiences are greatly apprciated in helping to make my decision

  5. If it is low intensity AND you don't have a physically demanding job it will not hurt and will probably HELP gains. As the intensity of the cardio work goes up, the catabolic and metabolic impact go up too much too hard WILL hinder or stop gains for most genetically typical people

    Iron Addict

  6. IA, thanks for the advice, I love your aticles and am really trying to take them to heart. Honestly, I've been incorporating your advice to the average weight lifter since I first started reading your posts 2 weeks ago, just wish I would have found them sooner in my training... about 4-5 years sooner. I was wondering what you thought about the article on that I posted above. This guy seems to think that intense cardio for 15-20min 3X a week would actually promote lean mass gains. But again, your comment on how less intense aerobic cardio would do the job makes me think that's the way I'm going to go.

    thanks again.


  7. I am writing an article on GPP (general physical preparedness) that will answer many more of your questions. Look for it sometime this week.

    Iron Addict


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