Outer Quad Sweet

  1. Outer Quad Sweet

    the front and inner protions of my quads look awsome, but the outer art is beginning to lag a little. Any suggestions on foot placement or exercises for the outer quads.

    My current leg routine is:

    Squats: 3 sets of 12. Feet shoulder width apart and toes perfectly forward.

    Leg Press: 3 sets of 12. feet 1 inch apart .

    Leg extentions: 3 sets of 12. feet on outer portions of rollers.

    leg curls- standing and laying
    stiff legged deads
    seated calf raises and donkey calf raises

  2. arnold recommends:
    front squats
    hack squats

  3. any foot position sugestions? feet wide/close? toes forward?

  4. You can do squats with your toes pointed forward? That makes my knees hurt just thinking about it.

  5. My feet are about 12-15 inches apart and my toes point perfectly forward when I squat. and my knees love it. when i go toes pointed out they hurt!

  6. feet close toes straight is the recommendation

  7. Might just be your genetics too....

  8. i do wider than shoulder width with my feet in a natural position... on my HST routine that i'm trying, the 15 reps on squats are really make my legs sprout up including my outer quads

  9. Why are you doing leg presses and extensions? Throw in front squats and bulgarian split squats. Both hit the VMO hard.

  10. Theres no real exercises that can isolate the outer quad. The vastus lateralis (out quad muscle) is recruited to the same degree no matter where you place your feet. My guess, if the front of your quads are developing and your outer is not, its most likely a genetic thing.

  11. TooL, I must correct you here. Do the squats with a wide stance and the feet pointing at a wide angle, and I personnally guarantee that you will feel the load in your vastus lateralis quite perfectly. That is the way to "isolate" them. They're not isolated, but emphasized.

    The Mayor, you should be able to find a good foot position with feet very wide and toes pointing out. Don't be shy about having the toes pointing WAY out and dropping the poundage a little to find a comfortable position. You will not regret it.

  12. I respectively disagree luna. The Vastus Lateralis originates on the upper part of the intertrochanteric line and the anterior lower borders of the greater trochanter.

    The point of insertion is along the lateral border of the patella.

    Due to the integration of the hip abductors and the vastus lateralis if you were to externaly rotate at the hip as in a wide, toes outward stance you would be putting the muscle into its shortened semi-relaxed position. Not the best position if youre looking to target the outer quads.

    Just my two cents.

  13. Just go and USE that stance and actually DO your squats that way. You'll know what I mean. You will feel the pain and have the results.

  14. We must all remember, that sometimes theory and reality don't quite mesh up perfectly. And while Isolation of a head is nearly impossible, emphasis is definitely possible in many cases.

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