How do I get my stamina up at the gym???

  1. How do I get my stamina up at the gym???

    My stamina sucks right now. For instance on bench I can hit 250 about 10 times for my first set, then only like 7-8 my second, and 5-6 my third and fourth. I didn't used to drop in strength so quick before. Is there a good way to get stamina up that I don't know of? I should probably start doing a little cardio after I lift that may help...thanks...Flu

  2. Are you talking muscular or cardio?

  3. There are several things that could effect your stamina, diet, sleeping habits, and stress just to name a few..

    If you're progressing in weight, it could be your body's way of telling you to slow down, and maybe you're starting to Over-Reach.. without knowing your training routine and other factors such as diet and the other things mentioned above it's difficult to say....

    My first guess would be diet.... but I don't thin cardio is the answer..

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