Sleep: Can you do it too much?

  1. Lightbulb Sleep: Can you do it too much?

    I wonder, if there is any negative aspect to getting well over the norm of 8 hours. Not that I need it, but I just don't feel like getting myself out of bed.

    I ask becuase I wonder if it could have any bad impact on training or recovery. Because of the whole lack of food thing whilst sleeping. What do you guys think?

  2. Some doctors say that going over 12 hours without eating can slow your metabolism down by as much as 40% til you eat again. FWIW. I'm guessing these conclusions are based on that the person isnt on some kind of stim 24 hrs a day lololol.
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  3. I used to be able to laze around in bed after I woke up, if I had a late night. If I've had enough sleep, when I'm awaken, I jump out of bed and start my day.. about 7 hours is enough. Last night I slept too early (at 10.30pm) and automatically woke up at 5.30 instead of my usual 7am.

  4. 5-6hrs is good for me. After 7 I start getting restless and tossing alot. Anything after 8 and it goes down hill and ends up being a crap sleep. I dont want to get out of bed no matter how long I am in there but the longer I stay in there the less happy I am

  5. oversleeping makes me sleepy all day and puts me in a drag mode, i just feel really lazy. i feel much more productive with 7 to 9 hours.

  6. Just listen to your body.

    Sometimes I need 12 hours of sleep to feel refreshed.

    Other nights I have enough energy on 4 hours.

    But I think oversleeping can create laziness just like undersleeping can.

    Middle path, grasshopper!

  7. I get a solid 4 to maybe 5. I would like to get 6-7.

    I agree with what was said above. Too much sleep for me (usually over 7 hours) leaves me groggy as hell.

  8. Everyone is different on how much sleep they require, but oversleeping is definetly a negative.

    If I get over 10 hours too often I feel horrible.

  9. Mon - Fri I get 7-8. Saturday my body goes into hibernation mode and forces me to get 10 or feel unrested.

  10. too much sleep can actually weaken your immune system.
    your body is not awake for long enough to absorb enough sunlight, get enough exercise or partake of enough tiring activities.
    your body temperature takes a long time to climb to normal in the morning making you very drowsy for several hours after waking.
    in fact you body temperature may not climb to its peak at all, so you may feel lethargic all day.
    this is because excess melatonin that has been released by keeping your eyes closed for a long time does not dissipate quickly leaving you feeling drowsy and drained of energy.

  11. there were also some scientific studies done showing higher mortality rates in those who slept more than 8hrs per night.


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