How much do you increase the weights you lift each time?

  1. How much do you increase the weights you lift each time?

    Some exercises, like BB curls for example, I can only go up 5 pounds a week. I'm just curious if this is "normal" or if I am correct in thinking I'm going slow.

  2. Dude, that's GOOD.

    For most people, not ALL lifts will go up in WEIGHT each week. You'll have 1-2 lifts adding weight, another one adding a rep, and another one stays the same, for example.

    Going up in weight with the same reps in every lift every week is simply GREAT. How long have you been training?

  3. 5 lbs per week is extremely good.
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  4. I would say that you are lucky.

    I don't go up in weight very often, definately not weekly, at any exercises.

  5. Really think about this.. lets say you increase you weights 5 lbs a week.. in 12 weeks you would have went up 60 lbs..

  6. Well I just started back again, after coming off a month's break; and before that I was doing HST. So I haven't done with "once a week" thing in a while.

  7. I'm relatively new to this site, so I'm not going to slam you here or anything, but I completly agree with ex-banana eater. That being said do the math. There are 56 weeks in a year, and lets say you started culing 25lb db's. at the end of the year your curling 305lb. so either your a genetic freak, the likes of which human kind has never seen, or your cheating yourself. Here's a tip, concentrate on form, stop swinging the hell out of the weights because you think you have to increase in weight each workout. Instead set your goal as adding one rep to your working sets in ascending order like so:

    workout 1 - set 1 10 reps, set 2 10 reps, set 3 10 reps
    workout 2 - set 1 11 reps, set 2 10 reps, set 3 10 reps
    workout 3 - set 1 11 reps, set 2 11 reps, set 3 10 reps

    and so on an so forth. When you get to 3 sets of 12, bump the weight up and lower the reps. Also, I strongly urge you to thoroughly read through this site there is a wealth of information here for beginners and advanced bodybuilders, take advantage. I highly recommend looking at any article posted by Iron Addict, they are very well informed and helpful.


  8. Also to add to that, you might want to pick up Brawn or Beyond Brawn...

  9. So even when one is starting out after a break or during a new workout routine it's uncommon for them to move the weight up 5 or more pounds each time?

    I should have stated this in my first message (whoops) but I know it's perfectly normal to plateau sometimes after you've been lifting for a while.

    And yes I use propper form, making sure to keep my upper arms locked against my body and not to merely swing the weight up and down.

    I'll check out Iron Addict though, thanks.

  10. If he is just starting after a break it is very possible for him to be going up 5 lbs every week, that does not mean he will continue to add weight every week all year!!. lol, Imagine though, curling 305lbs!!! THAT WOULD BE NUTS!!!!!!!!

    At some point the gains will start to slow down. But adding 5lbs a week is VERY good indeed, if you are getting great results just stick to whatever you're doing. Don't fix something that ain't broken


  11. 5 pounds a week is good until your plateau... If I cannot add more weight, I try to at least squeeze in one more rep! Good work man

  12. Originally posted by cookmic5
    There are 56 weeks in a year cookmic
    Hmm. Please name me the additional month, and where does it come between? I always thought there were 52 weeks in a year....

  13. haha, you got me, the extra month I think comes from me being overworked and underpaid and hoping for some more pay days. I was actually wondering when someone would call me out on that one. So lets correct the math then, if you started at 25lb db's and increased 5lb's per week for the 52 weeks that ARE actually in a year, you would be curling 285lbs. In which case your a *****, because everyone should at least be curling 295!

    stupid f*#%ing cookmic5

  14. cookmic5 you are a good sport, and am happy you took it the way you did as it was not ment as a slam, justa Your a good man Charlie Brown. Have a great night.


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