Small Wrists

  1. Small Wrists

    So i have this problem, and it's really annoying. My forearms are growing, but being a small framed person my wrists are tiny. I know there is pretty much no muscle what so ever in the area around the wrist, but is there anything that might help getting them a little wider, so they don't look little tiny attachments on my forearms? Hell i'm certified and i don't even know, so if you have a good answer it's greatly appriciated.

    P.S. - Also any workouts for face? to get a wider square jaw?

    Haha, wanna kill me yet for asking these things?

  2. Yah eat some beef jerky and chew gum alot to get a big massetter, then cut and it will look large.

  3. Why would you want to make your wrists bigger? A small wrist will make your forearms look much bigger I see no point to this.

  4. Yes smaller wrists will make forarms look bigger, but mine are too small.. i'm talking really small, and my ulnar sticks out bad. It's normal for it to stick out slightly, but not like it does.

    p.s. - i think it's time for some growth.. lol.

  5. sorry buddy.. me too... growth hormone... high doses... with insulin and T-3..and really androgenic helped me grow, and with the jaw too... but regulate the doses... at some point...that's all I can to find your own from there... tried that yet?? if so in a high enough dose with all the aformentioned substances??? for a long eonough period?? then I doubt anything would work and you would have to have a SERIOUS deficiency or something blocking the effects of the IFG-1 release in your body especially the binding proteins 1 and 3... that's if you've tried all that... but jerkey and chewing gum....hmmm...I'll try the jerkey for a good protein filled snack though, since dude in the other post gave me a craving for some...thanks man!!!




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