Moderate Shoulder Pain... OPINIONS PLEASE!

  1. Moderate Shoulder Pain... OPINIONS PLEASE!

    Hey all....

    Just coming off a Epistane Cycle... in the middle of my PCT. My "drive" to work out isn't as high, but surprisingly, my strenth is still up there!

    Anyways... i think i hurt my shoulder a bit! It was either doing incline dumbell presses OR when doing close grip (v -bar) pull downs for my back earlier this week!

    I noticed an irritation when doing the incline dumbbells.... but nothing that stopped me from training. Just a slight nagging feeling int he front/top portion of my right shoulder. When i was doing back a day or two later, i was on my last set of close-grip pull downs wiht pretty heavy weight... and when i let the weight back up, i felt my shoulder sorta roll and a sharp pain where it had been nagging me the day before...

    Since then, the pain gets worse and worse. I didn't work out Sat or Sun... and today is chest day again...

    QUESTION IS: Should i do a light chest workout (its chest day) and STOP when/if i feel discomfort?! My buddy said maybe i should take a full week off and REALLY try to get the inflamation down and the pain to go away... but if it IS a tear, what good is a week gonna do?!

    I feel like i could do exercises that will work out my chest, and only cause a little discomfort. A part of me wants to just suck it up and train anyways.. but i DO NOT want to be out for a while by doing something stupid and training on a hurt/possibly torn shoulder! I DO NOT have the money or the insurance to go see a doctor.... THEREFORE.. if you recommend i take the week off and play it "safe"... what would you recommend to help ease the pain and help it heal quicker?

    Your tips/suggestions are GREATLY appreciated folks!

  2. Are you doing behind the neck shoulder presses? Because I ****ed my shoulder up once thinking it was from bench but it was really the shoulder press. When I stopped that it went away.

    If it is torn then the pain would be pretty intense one would think. Maybe do that online diagnosis thing so you can match up your pain with the injury so you know what your looking at.

    If it is disabling enough that you would have to squeeze out light weight then lifting would be not to purposeful.

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