Heavy Lifting for fat loss

  1. Heavy Lifting for fat loss

    Would lifting heavy 4-6 reps. with 6x week 45 min cardio be good for getting cut up or 8-10 rep lighter weight?

  2. Diet is what cuts you up, with a staple of heavy lifting and cardio.

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  3. [QUOTE=ITHURTZ;1089012]Diet is what cuts you up, with a staple of heavy lifting and cardio.

    thats what you need to concentrate on, but while doing weights, decide exactly what your goals are, because you will need to make a choice between size/strength, or losing weight.
    and the way to train and diet will reflect this, so lifting heavy will burn calories, but while eating a calorie defecit diet to lose fat, you won't be making big results in the size or strength department, so just be prepared to not see huge results in that area, but from personal experience, after eating a well structured diet, + exercise, i have always preferred to lift heavy and i have seen results when i start cutting up.

  4. I see no point in changing how you lift when dieting. A common fallacy is that high reps low weight will get you cut up, which make no sense at all. This myth came from people lifting less weight then normal because the body is in a more weakened state when dieting, so the energy required to make heavy lifts is missing. That was kind of off topic but w/e.

    If lifting heavy with low reps works then don't change it when your cutting.

    Last olympia Ronnie Coleman changed his routine by lifting high rep sets with lower weight and placed 4th. His age obviously was a factor and his gut was bloated but why would he change his routine with all the success he had in the past lifting heavy? I don't get why he did that. He was injured but said he was fine in some interviews. That olympia displayed how ****ed up the system/judges are.

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