Benching heavy, worried about tear, might already have some? Help!

  1. Benching heavy, worried about tear, might already have some? Help!

    On two seperate occations when benching, I felt a very strange tearing feeling on the pec muscle right up near the armpit, the area the bicep muscle and chest muscle connect I guess. Happened once on both sides. Both times I had to take about 2-3 weeks off heavy benching and take it easy. After that I recovered fine. I guess it could not be a tear but I think thats what it is. I'm thinking I had a couple micro tears?

    For the last couple weeks on chest day each previous injury area has felt sore, like it is ready to be re-injured. Honestly I am not sure what to do? How can I prevent re-injuring myself? Has anyone had this type of problem? My technique is pretty good but could any problems be there? Am I not stretching enough? I stopped doing things like dips and flys a year ago.

    I do 315lb for sets of 8-10 full reps, and I'm 6'4 so I have a long range of motion.

  2. how low do you go with the bar? theres not much need to go anywhere below upper arms parallel with floor. With a long reach if you are taking bar to touching chest its a bad thing....

  3. I touch my chest on every rep, theres no way I could start cheating

  4. I would stop doing flat bench and switch to incline bench.

    Interesting thread here:

    Muscle Mayhem Bodybuilding Forums - HAVE I TORN MY PEC?

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