Shoulder Help

  1. Shoulder Help

    ok, i have been lifting seriously for a few years now and i just got done a very sucessful epi cycle in my opinion. i have one problem though, my shoulders. no matter what i do and how much i eat i cant seem to put any mass or strength on. i believe that my diet is good because i notice differences in all other muscle groups, so maybe it is in my training regimen. i am not sure which delt is lacking but my shoulders dont bulge out from the sides like i want them to, so i assume it is my medial deltoid. are there any suggestions as to how i should attack the shoulders or any workouts that have been very sucessful for anyone in the past.
    please be specific with any suggestions

    thanks a lot in advance

  2. My shoulder workout

    BB overhead
    db overhead
    side db raises
    rear pec deck. See profile pic for rear bi shoulder pics.

  3. thanks for the reply. how do you side raises? do you keep your arms straight and you less weight or do you bend the elbow a little and bend at the waist?


  4. I keep a slight bend in the elbow, dont bend at the waist though.

  5. ok thanks a lot

  6. Arnolds!!!

  7. Ahhh i love shoulders and my best body part......this is my routine

    -seated military press in smith
    -upright rows in smith
    -side lat raises standing
    -seated bentover raises
    -seated front raises
    -shruggs(high rep) DB
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  8. I like to do drop sets with the cables for side raises. I usually put these somewhere in the middle of the workout, but when I get done w/ them my shoulders are screamin and pumped to the max.

  9. I'm not a huge fan of Thibaudeau, but I like the 'Muscle Clean Push Press'.

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