static holds.. love them hate them?

  1. static holds.. love them hate them?

    Any of you had success with static holds either at the end of your lifts or throughout your workout?

    I know DC (dante) advocates the use of them but many overtrain while adding them to their routine. Just want to get everyones take.

  2. I use them as a grip improver.. just have a seperate day for them in the routine.. usually on the day I do traps.. just fits there

  3. ive used it for the final rep for each set during my workouts, for a 3 week period back in my late HS days. i wouldnt say i made gains in strength or enhanced my physique more than without static training but explosiveness (esp. at the peak of each movement) was noticable. that was pretty much it.

  4. dont like em

  5. I like adding them to the end of a work-out to really fatigue the muscle.

  6. I recently began using a static set training routine outlined in the last issue of M&F.

    For a more complete description go to****7561

    I've used it at the begining of my routine, and it seems to work as a good pre-exhaust. I'm going to alternate it as a burnout this week. As I've only used it for one training split I can't say for sure whether I can see definate results, but I'm sore as hell afterwards, and I generally take that as a good sign that it did something new that my muscles aren't used to. I've been kind of stuck in a rut lately and I hope this helps to break me out. I'll try to let you know if it does. As for overtraining I can't say for sure one way or the other, I often believe that I may be guilty of doing a little too much.


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