Workout when still sore?

  1. Workout when still sore?


    I am starting a new training regime, 4 days a week:

    Monday: Shoulders, Chest, Back
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: Biceps, Abs
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Shoulders, Chest, Back
    Saturday: Legs
    Sunday: Biceps, Abs

    I started on sunday with my biceps, however my arms were still sore today (Wednesday). I did my workout regardless and i didn't seem to notice any pain during it. But i'm wondering, am i leaving enough rest between muscle groups? Should i do each group only once a week?


  2. part of the question is volume and structure to the workouts those days. Theres quite a bit of variation in what a biceps day could be .

  3. I know this deviates from the main topic, but what about legs? Or are you adverse to training the lower half of your body?

  4. Thanks for the replies. My workout structure is as follows, i leave 2 mins rest between exercises:

    Bicep/Ab day 4 Sets:
    Concentrated Curls x 6 - 8
    Dumbell alternate Curls x 10 - 12
    Sit Ups
    Bar Curls x 6 - 8

    Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Back day 3 Sets:
    Dumbelll Pullovers x 10
    Bentover Lateral Raises x 10
    Bench Press Normal x 6 - 8
    Bench Press Wide Arm x 4 - 8
    Flys x 6-8
    Wide Arm Pushups
    Front Berbell Deltoid Raises x 10
    Two Arm Side Lats x 10
    Standing Bar behind head press x 6 - 8
    Standing One Arm Barbell press x 6 -8
    Barbell Shrugs x 15
    Barbell Upright Rows x 10

    Leg day 3 -4 Sets:
    Lunges x 15
    Squats x 15
    Leg Curls x 20

    I do legs once a week, but i'm not as bothered about them. To be honest i'd much rather have a bigger top half

  5. i think you'd be suprised how much leg development can help build strength all over the body.....dont be one of those i dont train legs guys........i did it for too long. bit regret!

  6. I think a bit of the chest/back is also hitting biceps as part of the compound exercises, which is why. I think even if you are sore though, its probably ok for a week or two to see (if you have recently changed to this routine) if it gets better and bothers you less. Otherwise maybe a little less volume on the bicep days? maybe 3 sets for them instead of 4

  7. I guess i'll stick with this routine for a few weeks then. I'm just getting back into lifting after a few months break, so hopefully by 1-2 weeks it won't be a problem and i can just put it down to me being unfit. Otherwise I guess i'll reduce the volume and/or increase rest time.

    Cheers for the advice, Repped you all. Will be starting a hyperdrol/Mass FX/X-factor log soon, will be sure to post it.

  8. that should be a nice weight gaining combo with enough calorie intake

  9. Seriously dont neglect legs. I did it for 4 years, plus what are you gonna say when a hot chick says "so, what happened to your legs?" Small legs make the pp look bigger?

  10. Listen to these guys! If you wanna get big up stairs then squat and deadlift heavy - just as much as you do all those other smaller body parts.


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