diet and exercise effects on chics period

  1. diet and exercise effects on chics period

    whast up guys.  My gf recently started working out on a daily basis, and eating really clean.  She has been doing this for about a month now, maybe 3 weeks.

    ANyway, she is a little over a week late with her period.  Do yous think that the diet and exercising could have an effect on something like that?





  2. She cheated on you....

  3. Most often when females are on very coloric restrited diets, and/or get below about 10% bodyfat periods become irregular, or will fail to happen at all. The body senses that there is no abunance of nutritional support for the potential baby and calls things off.

    Iron Addict

  4. don't think shes under 10 though, but I figured that about the restricted cals.


  5. did you knock her up?--get a test bro

  6. I believe it's energy in/energy out, meaning if she's burning way more than she's eating she may become amenorrheic. It's generally considered to be a symptom of over-training. See

  7. I suggest the Honda Odyssey, I hear its the cadillac of minivans

  8. lol...thanks guys.....she got it the other day though. I told her to not sweat it, but whatever. She wants to be on the pill now...fine with


  9. hamper19 my (now-ex-)wife had exactly that problem. Turns out she wasn't EATING ENOUGH FAT. Her diet turned out to be about 3%fat and that got her hormones completely ****ED.

    She didn't take the clue, and after about a year of no period, her skin was looking like 15 years older... I ran away


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