Shoulder Injury

  1. Shoulder Injury

    I hurt my right shoulder some 6 months ago. I do not know what I did to hurt it as I can not pin point a time where I did an exercise and fell off the bench in pain or had an anvil drop on my shoulder from a 4 story building. (Most recent injury was 12 months ago. It involved a mountain bike, a hill, and me doing my superman routine over the handle bars. That resulted in 3 broken ribs, left side, and a twisted wrist.)

    Initially I chalked up the discomfort to sore muscle and working out hard and continued training.

    Two months later and my shoulder was still bothering me. I shifted to light weights and avoided complicated or overly strenous shoulder exercises.

    Two months after that and my shoulder was still bothering me. I stopped all shoulder exercises and lightened the load on any compound exercise that involved the shoulder.

    Two weeks and no benefits I dropped all exercises that involved the shoulder.

    My should still is not "right." So I have gone to the doctor and have an MRI scheduled for this coming monday.

    Let me explain the pain. Right front of the shoulder, basically walk a stright line up front the crease in my arm pit. It feels almost like it is on top of the bone. No pain in regular day to day activity (unless I dig my fingers into the spot) I can still lift weight with no paid. (for example carried 35 bucket of kitty litter into the house with the arm and had no discomfort)

    When I stretch it hurts and tingles for a couple of minutes afterwards and feels very weak. Depending on the stretch it even hurts. If I do a stretch where my arm goes behind my head is when it does this.

    I really am bummed. I had started to make some real progress on my goals and this thing has derailed me in a serious way. I have maintained my diet and really lifted it up another notch. I have not gained any weight but the fullness and tightness of my muscles sure has been deflated over the last several months.

    I guess I am looking for people who have injured there shoulders and can offer advice on recovery time, exercises, or just general "we made it through and so can you" inspiration.

    I will post whatever the doc tells me when he has reviewed the MRI.

  2. ClintCanada
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    Sorry about your luck.

    You did the most important thing by STOPPING any futher weight training with it and seeing a doctor for an MRI -- without that, you can speculate all you want as to what it is . . .

    Just wanted to say -- I've had an AC joint injury and a minor rotator cuff tear (and a 'minor' tear took months to recover from - but I was lucky enough not to need surgery). The bottom line is that from my experience you can and will recover and can be just as strong after a shoulder injury as before so don't lose heart.

  3. Iv been fighting mine on and off for 1.5yrs. I did something to it last week where I couldnt even bench 1 plate.

    From your description, pit, to the top of the arm the Clavicle connects to the Acromioclavical joint which goes to the Acromion.

    The acromion would be the bone on top and under that is your bursa and tendons. My issue when I went to the doc was the teres minor (rotator cuff) so I just have to not go insane and do my cuban rotations, intenal rotations and external rotations. I havent healed as much as I could because, althought I do cubans twice a week, I dont do internals or externals.

  4. Thanks for the replies. I want to avoid surgery and I am sure that is part of the reason it took me so long to commit to see the doc.

    The MRI is today and hope to have some info back in about a week.

    It is good to hear that training and continuing working out is still possible.

    Will post the results when I get them.

  5. My GP called me with my resluts Friday. I have a partial rotator cuff tear.

    The doc and his staff can/will answer no questions like: Where? How Bad? What percent? All questions are answered with see the Ortho. So, now I am working on an appointment with the Ortho and should have more info then.

  6. Eh a partial aint bad, I beleive mine was a tad torn. Couldnt move my arm for 4 weeks before I went in, then took a additional 5 weeks off before I went back into it. Time to do those exercises!

    Goodluck, it aint bad


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