1. Stretching...

    I've been preaching stretching for a little while now and I guess I should post up what I do before and after every single workout and once a day on off days.

    Utilizing a good stretching routine will help keep your joint/tendons/muscles in good working order after all the bull**** us bodybuilders put them through.

    I personally take about 10 minutes before and after any workout and do this. Whether it's an intense hour long weight session or 20 minutes on the elipical.

    I have found that I am no longer prone to injury and my muscular development has even gotten better.

    **Hold each stretch for around 20 seconds

    Neck/Trap: simply pull the top of your head to the left and right using that arm.

    Back/Rear Delt: one arm across your body, parrallel to the floor and the other are, perpendicular, pushing the arm back towards the body.

    Tricep/Lat: one arm over head, bent, with the elbow point up. apply pressure to the elbow using your other arm.

    Back/Lat: Hang from a wide grip chin-up position.

    Back: Holding a sturdy pole or machine with both hands, keeping your feet close to the pole, and your legs and back flat, stick your butt out. you can shift from right to left to emphasize either lat.

    Chest/Bicep: Using something like a squat rack, grab both poles and lean forward


    Chest/Bicep: Using something parrallel to the ground, with both arms going directly backwards grab the bar and dip your body slowly.

    Hamstrings/Lower Back: toe touches. crossed leg toe touches.

    Quad: standing, grab a sturdy object with one hand and grab your ankle behind your glut with the other.

    Groin: squatting or sitting butterflys. (depending on my attire for the day)

    Forearm: put you arm straight out directly in front of you, as if you were telling someone to "stop." usiting your other arm, pull your fingers back. do with with your fingers facing all four directions. (I developed pretty badn tendonitis in high school, so this is crucial for me)

    ...and there you have it.

    What do you guys do?

  2. I do DC stretches after I lift for upper body and I do a myriad of stretches for my legs. I spend a good 10-15 minutes per training session stretching my quads, hams, calves, groin, glutes, and tibialis.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Good post PI, I was doing some of the same basic movements. But some of the smaller stretches, neck, forearms and such were ones that I had left out.

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