Master List of IA's Articles

  1. Master List of IA's Articles

    I hate seeing articles wasted and I have read all of these articles and go by all of them and figured I would compile all of them here so people don't have to go all over the place to see them. If i missed one let me know.

    How to Train Yourself

    Ab Training


    Levels of Intensity

    Rotational Routines

    Volume Training for the Genetically Typical Trainee

    The Rep Under a Looking Glass

    The Perfect Mentor

    20 Rep Squat Variations

    The Calender (Training Frequency)

    Training Precision

  2. thanks! all his articles are very good

  3. Thanks a lot Lakmount. That is far from the total of what is out there but those are some good ones. There will be a more detailed complation here and on other boards soon. Stay tuned.

    Iron Addict

  4. IA i searched a ****load of boards for your articles.. the other articles i found were gear related and figure i would save that for another part of the board.. where are the other ones? i will put them here.. you can PM me if you want

  5. We'll be featuring a complete list of IA's articles in the near future at GM, stay tuned...

  6. Lakemount,

    Let me handle getting them up and posted. Most of them are on my hard drive including a few that were published in hardgainer Magaizine and IronMan.

    Iron Addict

  7. NO! i want to do it! haha just kidding.. no problem man..
  8. Excellent

    Excellent Idea LakeMount, I have all IA's articles saved to on my hard drive, but neve thought of compiling them like you did and posting them...

    Cant wait to see the entire list when IA posts em, I am sure he's got a few more up his sleeve that we have not seen yet.


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