Donkey calve raise challange

  1. Donkey calve raise challange

    Hello Every one

    I have a challange and it is My gym doesnt(or any gym in this radius) doesnt have a Donkey Calve riase machine. I am a little hesitate of asking gymee's to sit on my lower back. The back of my calves is a weak point and Donkey Calve raises are the best back of he calve , and viewed from the sdie calve puffer upper that I know of.

    I have thought of an Idea. Put the smith machine on my lower back and hold onto something. has anyone done this?

    does any one know any other variations?
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  2. Depending on the Leg Press Machines you have at your gym, they can provide an excellent variation to the standing or seated calf machines.

    But I agree, Donkey Calf Machines kick ass. Last one I came across was in San Diego at a Frog's fitness center
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  3. Are you drunk?

  4. I could picture it working.. I would suggest using some type of padding in between the bar and your back though, I would also see if I could find someone to spot me while im doing them.

  5. Definitely keep the bar more on the top of your pelvis and less on your lumbars.

  6. Thanks!
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