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  1. IA Question

    Do you or have you had clients that just DONT grow off of higher reps 8-10+ but who grow like mad with lower reps 4-6 in both size and strength, and vice versa?

  2. Is someone isn't growing at all and doing higer reps it's because the routine structure and diet is wrong, not because the rep range is wrong. Everyone will grow to some degree no matter the rep range (with reason). That said, yes, I have people that grow WAY better on lower reps and thats what I have them do. In general these are people witha high predominance of fast twitch fiber. They are the rarities. Most people just aren't made thes way and have more slow twich and thus do better on the higer reps.

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  3. Thanks

    Thanks for the reply.

    Does one establish which is best for them just threw trial and error? Or are there ways to find out which will work best?

  4. Here is a quick way to have an idea which way to go. If you are one of those guys that has always been way stronger than most guys your size chanches are you have a lot of fast twitch fibers. Also fast twitch fibers may only be predominate in a few muscles while the rest of your body is more slow twitch. If you have some lifts that you are crazy strong at while most others are so-so, try doing lower reps for those lifts you are strong at. You will probably find you grow better that way. Have lifts or muscles that are WAY weak? Yup, more reps and more sets are the way to go here usually. In the long run, yes, experimentation is the best way to find out what works best for you. And even if you have a preferred rep range it should still be changed up from time to time. People that ALWAYS do the same rep ranges for everything often end up very stuck.

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  5. Thanks alot IA

    That is exactly the situation I seem to have.

    On some lifts, I am alot stronger in comparison to where I should be when compared to some other lifts.

    This is the hard part to expain, on most lifts I find that when I lower the reps, I am drastically stronger than I am as when compared to doing higher reps, by this I mean, when I train at higher reps, for my size, my strength is not near what it should be, but when I drop the reps up the lbs My strength surpasses what I should have for my size. In other words, for where my strength is in the lower rep ranges, I am no where as near as strong when compared as one would think I would be when doing higher reps. (i hope that made the least bit of sense)

  6. I totally got that, and it is fairly common.

    Iron Addict
  7. fast twitch

    Could what I described then be a partial sign maybe towards me being predom. fast twitch fibers in them bp's?



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