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    I have gained 18 lbs of solid muscle in one month using IA's methods. As I have had to move around my state for that month for a variety of reasons, my diet has not been perfect every day, but still the gains! Squats have gone from 185 x 7 to 275 x 6 (that is after two work sets short of failure of 225 x 12). Weighted dips have gone from 25 x 6 to 55 x 9 (after two work sets short of failure of 45 x 12). The gains just don't slow down--I am psyched to see where I will be in a year.

    The best part is, the only supp I am taking on top of the vitamins/etc. (see IA's Training Yourself post) is creatine (can't beat $11 for EAS at Wal-Mart). I can't imagine what the gains would be with gear or even just prohormones.

    Sorry if this sounds like advertising, but I mean for this post to be a measure of my progress (you all know it helps to keep going when more eyes are on you), and I am just so damn thrilled with the program I can't imagine what I would be like now if I had been doing this all along.

    BTW--I just signed up to this board, it looks really good. Many thanks to the elders.
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  2. Congrats

    Congrats on the awsome gains man !!

  3. Before and After pics?

  4. Too broke for a digital camera--I just got out of grad school. Unfortunately I won't be able to afford a new wardrobe, I am sure I will need one in the coming months.
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  5. I see.....

  6. Originally posted by propagandhi
    Too broke for a digital camera--I just got out of grad school. Unfortunately I won't be able to afford a new wardrobe, I am sure I will need one in the coming months.
    hehe, i know what u mean. Ive had to turn to my father and friends for some hand me downs. im in college to and cant afford too much.

    great job on the gains. sounds like IA is the man. hey IA, if u read this, do u have a general book out at all, besides just the one-on-one training? if not, u need to write one!!

  7. BS.

    18lb of muscle in a month, no fat sure.... maybe its my cynical side but I don't see it happening. Even hard core doses of aas won't do that.

    Possibly you weren't on creatine or working out before starting and hadn't eaten in a few days. The water weight of creatine and the weight of food in your system could have done that for you but it just isn't pure muscle.

    No offense but 3 posts and a name that might as well be proganda...fishier than a Maine port when the boats come in.

  8. something wrong with 1.66 lbs of pure muscle gain every 24 hours?

  9. I know who this guy is. He truly is a trainee of mine whom has made some phenominal progress. Huge gains are fairly normal (FOR A SHORT TIME) when you take someone that has been training and dieting wrong and put them on a routine that they ALWAYS recover from and TRULY fullfill protein requirments. Is some of that 18 lbs from the creatine and additional nutrient loading, and perhaps a little from fat? ABSOLUTELY! Still these are great gains. People that have never found the sweet spot with diet and training will always naysay that it can occur. THEY ARE WRONG! I put 20 lbs on a large percentige of people I work in a short time if they have been training and dieting incoreectly. Go read the "cycles on pennies" thread by DC over on animals board if you want to see another trainer that get results like this for many of their trainees. Dog has put 20-40 lbs on guys in a matter of months. It's doable provided the conditions are right. many folks out there have LOTS of untapped growth waiting to be actualized.

    Iron Addict
  10. Sure

    I have gained 18 lbs of solid muscle in one month

    Is some of that 18 lbs from the creatine and additional nutrient loading, and perhaps a little from fat? ABSOLUTELY!
    So which is it?

    If the second I would guess there is more than a little fat.

    You can claim "sweet spot of nutrition" all you want but 18 lb of mostly muscle in 4 weeks is out of the realm of reality unless he was just in horrible shape before. Taking advantage of muscle memory, and complete lack of working out or eating for awhile, and dehydrated I could see this kind of gain. But under those conditions the changes become much much less impressive.

    Even odder that there is no proof, don't you have a camera IA if your going to claim such great results have something to back it up.

    I know this is a flame but you gotta realize how rediculous it looks, I mean have you written for biotest or muscletech before?

  11. elijah_123,

    He said he gained 18 lbs solid. I DIDN'T claim that. I agreed some was from the creatine and nutrient loading, and yes, probably some fat. Nontheless these he has made great progress. He has the strenght gains to show for it. Again, many people that get diet and training right after doing it wrong all along literally blow-up when they start training right. If all this is incredulous to you I'm sorry you haven't been exposed to the kind of results possble when all the pieces come together. Lets say he got 10 lbs of water from the creatine which is very possible, and he is up 2 lbs fat. So the guy put on 6 lbs of muscle in about 5 weeks. This is damn good progress in anyones book training clean. What about that is so far outside the realm of possiblity to you? If you still doubt, email me about personal training. unlike most trainers I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Your not happy in 6 weeks I give you a full refund. You have NOTHING to lose.

    Iron Addict

  12. Like I said at the figures you stated 6 lb in 5 weeks (though he says 4) isn't that crazy if he had lifted before and had muscle memory, or even if he hadn't and is just new to training that is fairly common. And yes I have seen such results I have a training partner who did the same thing just by getting in the gym, eating higher protien, and sleeping right.

    As to your claims of hitting a nutritional sweet spot he said himself that he didn't do that exactly
    my diet has not been perfect every day
    And I know you didn't claim his gains were muscle that is why I wanted a clarification of which was the truth.

    It really bugs me to see this situation. Either propagandhi is lying or grossly uninformed about why he is gaining and what he is gaining. If it is the first then thank you for the clarification of his gains. If it is the second then no matter how effective your training methods are it is a shame you are training people. You aren't education anyone you are simply gauranteeing your profit margin.

    My whole point in replying to this thread was to show that yes you did train him and he made average to above average progress but that doesn't make you a training god. If you are great but let time show it and lots of people with pictures and HONEST reports about how/why they gained muscle with a good understanding of how/why it happened and I'll give you mad props. Look at swolecat his advertising is in provable improvements in numerous people, not flashy exaggerated claims.

    I appreciate the offer of training but I am quite happy with my current progress and knowledge of how I'm training.

    I assure you no matter how much I may seem to be attacking just you I am not I'm attacking this style of advertising by exposing the flaws in it. THankfully you honestly admitted that his claims weren't true, I applaud you and respect you for that.

  13. Tough board--no love for the rook.

    Apologies to IA for apparently doing more harm than good. Don't hate on him, stick to me--I was the one who posted, he just came in to protect his name that I negligently tarnished. I hope I haven't just taken about 50 years off my life....

    By solid gains I meant no or very small amounts of fat (I have actually lost a loop on my belt), I realize I misspoke now. I am sorry if that was misleading. I was in a sad state (three years of law school really hit my physique hard), and of course some of that was from the creatine water effect (although if muscle saturation causes a kept gain, I consider that solid, but I digress as this is not a debate about what constitutes a muscle gain--the creation of new cells, if possible, or an increase in the size of present cells, physiology is not my thing).

    As I am brand new to this board I did not realize I needed to post photos to perpetuate claimed results, but as I said I just finished grad school and have no money. Regardless, the strength gains are real, and looking at those EAS contests, photos are not necessarily best evidence (I choose my word, but I understand if that isn't good enough for people these days). I am going to keep on hitting this hard, and will be back with some more great gains at a later time (past the point where doubts of saturation and creatine water can be raised) and hopefully by then my cheap ass will have stumbled across a digital camera.

    Propagandhi is an old punk band, Elijah. My choice of name should not take from my credibility. I am a real person, not IA posting an ad as you implied. If you like, you may email me privately at [email protected].

    Peace in the Middle East.

  14. actually i can vouch for him.. for one cause i train with IA and he knows his ****.. for two when i first started lifting i ate VERY cleanly and only 3 medium sized meals a day, trained 5-6 days a week and worked out for like 2 hours a day.. i didnt know **** about lifting or nutrition.. i gained 12 lbs (without creatine) in 5 1/2 weeks so i can definitely say that when the conditions are right and your eating right that it is very possible to jump straight up and size espcially if your not already big..

  15. I think it can be doable. My little brother (16) put on 14 pounds of mostly muscle in 5 weeks because he was switching from Linebacker to Defensive end. He did it w/a good diet, he trained 4 times a week. He still isn't gaining at that pace, but they have very good strength coaches at his school. Since IA is a great trainer I wouldn't doubt an 18 pound gain.


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