Crazy High Reps .. Interesting Article

  1. Crazy High Reps .. Interesting Article

    Massive Muscle Pumping Condensed High Volume Training

    Dunno if you've seen this (just got posted today!) but I thought this guy's training was pretty crazy to read about and thought some might find it intriguing.. I'm a big fan of high volume so I thought it was worth browising ... and he must have used cell-tech AND nitro-tech along with that Anavar if he really gained the 25 lbs in 21 days..

  2. If you read towards the end of the article, the guy explains that he was on gear...25 lbs. in 21 days is not impossible, especially considering that he's not claiming 25 lbs. of muscle...just 25 lbs. period. Nevertheless, that's some serious training and eating...for me, that would be absolute overtraining and I'd probably puke trying to take down 9,000 calories a day...

  3. his waist was only 34 inches at the end of the training program so he must've been doing some solid gains.

    As far as all that food... I wonder how frequent his bathroom visits were? Possibly damage to kidney and liver due to the stress?

    How long did he sleep for?

  4. haha I have no idea.. you would think he would have to increase his sleep by atleast a couple hours. It says in there he drank 6-9 quarts of milk and 3lbs of meat EACH DAY and i think the upper caloric range was like 9000 cals?! .. thats ****in insane..

    i agree i would imagine it would be a little rough on your body with that insane amount of processing to do.. im tempted to see if it works though haha im sure his genetics played into it though

  5. he was only on small amount of anavar, such a small dose would not do much.



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