1. Sprinting=Anaerobic

    When I was at soccer camp we had a exercise and physiology guy come talk to us who was supposedly one of the best in the country. He told us that sprinting is anaerobic since it's only for a short period of time. I can see where this makes sense. But I just wanna check that he's right since I never thought about it like this. I know intervals with sprints are aerobic though since it's for longer periods.

  2. Yes, he is correct, but if you are looking to use them for size gains understand that the improvement threshold will be reached fairly rapidly. After a short time training improvements will be registered in 1/10's of seconds and will not significantly change size. You could get some decent gains though initially. Many sprinters have fair leg development, at least compared to Joe Average.

    Iron Addict

  3. Its the same with most types of HIIT trianing. THe hormonal reactions (mainly GH) resemble more of an anaerobic activity and nutrient requirements should reflect this.
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