Need some help/input on my routine

  1. Need some help/input on my routine


    I've only been training for a year now, started training last winter under supervision of a pro boxer here in nyc. He got a lil expensive though lol..but he and I are still great friends. I learned a lot and moved on by myself. He had me on a 5 day split for many months, but since then I've changed things.


    In the past few months I've mostly switched over from a 5-day split to a 3 day high intensity HST routine. I'm loving the new workouts, but I also love compound/power movements since they really give me a great cardio workout as well, and I also hit areas I normally wouldn't hit before (not to mention they make me grow).

    Over this time I've almost completely moved to using the barbell 90% of the time, so I was wondering - is it possible for me to be overtraining from having an HST routine with solely compound lifts? I try to incorporate 1 set of isolation after my compounds, mainly on chest, triceps, and biceps, but most everything is on the barbell.

    Here is the order of my routine (usually) which I repeat x 3 weekly, moving weight up over time:

    Stretch for around 8 minutes first

    Squats x 3 sets
    Incline BP x 3 sets + Incline DB press x 1set (sometimes 2 sets, last set on a much lower weight)
    Clean + Press x 3 sets
    Deadlifts (SLD + RDL) x 3 sets total
    Low Seated Cable Rows - x 2 sets (lat isolation)
    High Seated Cable Rows - x 2 sets (overhand medium grip)
    High Seated Cable Rows - x 1 sets (overhand wide grip)
    Barbell Curls x 2 sets
    Tricep Pulldown - Dropset to finish off my workout.
    Then I do abs when I'm all done + to cool off.
    Calves I work randomly. I am naturally gifted with big calves so I don't worry too much about them. I work them weekly though.

    Stretch for 8-10 minutes post workout.

    Is there a better routine for me considering how I like to workout? I'm mainly worried about overtraining during an HST routine.

    Should I just modify my routine a bit or switch to something like Westside Barbell, and just tweak that a bit? Open to other routines as well...DC might be better for me in my case as well I'm thinking, since I can incorporate 3-4 days a week. Strength isn't my focus...what I'd like to focus on is growth - while keeping the workout intense, hopefully keeping me lean while growing.

  2. I'm still pretty new here but i would recommending thowing in some dips and maybe switch inclince dp with some flat bench every now and then, and switch your curls with hammer curls every now and then... just my input

  3. I really like the 5 day split I'm on right now. One muslce group a day. Around 16 sets total per muscle. Workouts last around 45 min to an hour (sometimes less. I move pretty fast sometimes). I like it because I can focus on one muscle group at a time.

    Whatever you decide, just remember that there isn't one routine that is king.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by The Flash View Post
    I'm still pretty new here but i would recommending thowing in some dips and maybe switch inclince dp with some flat bench every now and then, and switch your curls with hammer curls every now and then... just my input

    Yeah I forgot to mention a cpl weeks ago I started adding 1 set of hammer curls in per day. Dips I don't do so much atm because of elbow pain at times, so I do some incline DB press instead as well as some tricep isolation. I'm thinking of adding in DB flies though as well as cable flies. I need to focus more on chest contraction, my chest is lagging behind my shoulders + triceps.

    KingMeso, I used to do the same 5-day split, but I feel as thought I don't hit each muscle enough times per week that way, and I don't feel as though I get as much of a boost to my metabolilsm that way either. Fullbody workouts build up an awesome sweat with me.

    I think the issue is that so far I love HST, but I'm always tempted to go heavy and sometimes it's a borderline HST / DC routine (sometimes it's reps of 10, sometimes reps of 5-6 but heavier weight)...and I'm worried it possible to overtrain this way.

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