What do you do in this situation?

  1. What do you do in this situation?

    Say it is chest day, usually you would do say, flat bb press, db presses & dips...

    BUT...when you arrive all the flat bb bench's are taken with no end in sight to getting one anytime soon.

    Do you, skip the flat bb press and mix things up for the day, and substitute a diff ex?

    Or do you ask to work in with one of the people?

    ME, personally, I HATE working in with someone I am unfamiliar with, It screws up my focus, concentration and intensity greatly, so in that case for me, I guess it probably would be best to forgo the flat bb press?

    What do you do?

  2. Grab someone by the scruff of their neck and tell them the bench is yours now Seriously I would just skip the bb press for the day and do inclines or declines, or do flat bench db presses. later J

  3. yea bro, i hear ya on the focus part. what i do is seriously tell them that i wont be too long and ill call u over when im through. just be cool about it. if they give u a hard time then the owner or supervisor will come over. and unless its in the gym rules, u will get ur way.

    in other cases, if i know who the person is, and familiar w/ hió routine, then i have no problem w/ him wotking in w/ me. its a lot easier to have a plan that way, and u can talk about it. thats another reason to have a training partner if possible. then they can help u out and u guys can just do ur thing in the least amount of time.

    for me right now though, a lot of my gym bros are away for the summer and still at school. so ive been getting more and more for my home gym. im almost complete now, just have to periodically buy some more plates. if u look around in the store ads on Sunday's paper, and check out the classifieds day-to-day, u can most def. find some descent deals.

  4. I'd personally work in with someone, but I am pretty shameless. If they just have 1 or 2 sets to go than I would just wait for the equipment.

  5. If the flats are taken for the BP then do flats with DB's. If those flats are taken. Then use the stupid machine, better then nothing. If the stupid machines are taken, well ****, your gym is wayyyyyyy to bussy and I would fine another. Unless there is a really hot chick there.


  6. Originally posted by Lock_n_Load
    Unless there is a really hot chick there.
    Now don't get me wrong, chilling with girls is a great thing.. but not for the gym. They just break my concentration and get in the way of what i'm trying to accomplish myself..

    As for the question by Stroyer, my gym is pretty busy. It sucks sometimes because you have to wait for equipment unless you go at certain hours. When I'm in your situation you don't have to do flat first. You can do a different exercise and go back to it. I don't like doing things in the same order anyway because that gets routine and your muscles are very smart and realize this. If you change things it throws the routine and changes what your muscles think will happen, but actually doesn't. That made sense in my head.....

  7. i change up my routine that i had planned for that day. if i had planned to do flat bench bb, i check out db, if that was busy i'd start with inclines...

    i NEVER do chest on monday because that seems to be universal chest day. there have been rare occasions that i just did a different bodypart...if i were gonna do chest that day and it looked like everything was taken or was gonna take forever, i'd switch to back...

  8. I would walk on treadmill and watch the benches and go to it when one looks like the person will be done soon.


  9. Originally posted by msclbldrguy
    i NEVER do chest on monday because that seems to be universal chest day.
    Whoa, I never thought about that. I think you're right. I've always done chest on monday, time for me to change it to friday 'cause that's the day when not many people lift

  10. I'd skip the flat bench and mix things up.

  11. Originally posted by msclbldrguy
    i NEVER do chest on monday because that seems to be universal chest day.
    Exactly, that's why Monday's my leg day. Few people do legs. Everyone does chest =/.
  12. Monday

    Shiat, I swear everyone where I train does chest on monday, that is why I HATE when my chest day falls on Mon, I use a rotating type split, so every week ea muscle is usually worked on a diff day, I really like that, so I dont get stuck in doing say chest mond, legs wed or etc EVERY week, by it changing every week the day ea is trained it adds a little variety.

    That being said, today is chest day, should not be a problem today.


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