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  1. Iron Addict Leaving

    Just a quick rant about and my participation there. Swolen***** has been deleting posts from trainees of mine and it has recently been brought to my attention that he has banned a few members after they made posts about their progress triaining under my guidence. Tonight was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back when he deleted my post about "How to train yourself". It is a pretty pathetic and insecure personal trainer that doesn't want the training populace informed about how to better train themselves. Due to this activity I will no longer participate there. I wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry to anyone who was banned because of your posts about training with me. You are probably better off anyway.

    Iron Addict

  2. Thats pretty ****ty of him to do **** like that. But hey your more than welcome here and we all appreciate good info. Later J

  3. Iron,
    You are more than welcome here.. and bring your trainees with you, they are welcome also. I for one have always looked forward to reading your posts and I am sure there several members that are like that here.

  4. IA and his trainees would be great additions. However, little wardog may cry as attention would be deflected from him.

  5. LOL, Scotty2!

    IA, I love your posts and your particpation here is greatly appreciated!

  6. I just started training under Iron Addict, and I know the results will be great, and I will keep everyone posted how I do.

    P.S. Screw Swole, He Sucks

  7. Please do keep us updated, if you would like you can if you like keep a journal in the training section of the site. *hint hint*
  8. You're funny.......

    I see you go and cry to your pals here huh? That's mature.......

    For the record, IA, you are ADULT right? Did BillyG not tell you ON THE PHONE to not advertise your personal training? He did......You told him "I don't care", when he said you may get banned. Obviously you do, you are callin' me names here crying......come on, what kind of trainer does that?? Your "participation" at What, writing articles LADEN w/info about you being available to train people? Again, this advertising is not allowed, and was noticed by others in charge, not just me. (I.E., Mr. H, other mods as well)

    Mr. H asked me to warn you 3 times about this, and I did. You may NOT advertise your services at anytime there, NO ONE CAN. It's a rule, and you felt like you would like to continue to break it.

    I never deleted any of your clients talking good things about you, only your open advertising. If you want to advertise, I told you, contact Mr. H and work out a deal. You don't get something for nothing on message boards, you need to have something in return. You need to learn the value of networking and having value in what you provide. It's a business, make it work for you.

    You wanted to leave and have nothing to do with us. Then you came back advertising when things didn't work out at Animal's board. That's not cool and Mr. H didn't appreciate that. He told me NO ADVERTISING AT ALL............He became annoyed stating " I thought we went over this?"

    So, call me a *****, call me what you want. Why don't u step up to the plate and get your OWN message board? You obviously have people who follow you, so why not use some intitiative and get your OWN location? You are a trainer w/trainees, are u not?? Many of us do, we don't just use other boards where we don't help out in one way or another or pay, to advertise. I made the jump, however I still have many deals worked out w/Mr. H, and I've been w/him for 3 years.

    Cry all you want.......just remember, I know more about you than you think, these others don't. This is not like the IA we know. I follow rules and regs @ and I enforce them. You did the same thing when you were there, so it's not like you don't know the rules.

    It's basic RULE FOLLOWING.........If you have a gripe, cry to Mr. something about it instead of weeping over here, that's pitiful. I have my own gig and I am very successful, so I could care less about who you help and what you do. However, as a mod of Mr. H's, I carry out rules as they are enforced, that's all there is to it!

    Last edited by SwoleCat; 07-18-2003 at 11:00 AM.
  9. Re: You're funny.......

    Originally posted by SwoleCat

    I never deleted any of your clients talking good things about you, only your open advertising. If you want to advertise, I told you, contact Mr. H and work out a deal. You don't get something for nothing on message boards, you need to have something in return. You need to learn the value of networking and having value in what you provide. It's a business, make it work for you.

    Just a quick note of clarification Swole. We rarely(there are exceptions) limit any kind of posting here, advertising or not. Even if its a bunk supplement, we let the thread become a learning tool about what EDUCATION can do for the members.

    Swole, you can post a thread here about your services and not pay a dime. Avant, Molecualr, Ergopharm all competitors can come over here and talk about their products. We have threads that point people to other boards with no restrictions. Why? Because when your at the top of your game, those things will only serve to help, not hurt you. People can recognize confidence on a message board and people will buy confidence. When you have no fear about letting your competitors post is when you know that your buisness is truly strong. That's always been our philsophy here and it has proven to be true for BDC Nutrition and AM as a board.

  10. Swolen*****,

    It all comes down to your insecurity about YOUR personal trainin services. Why would any personal trainer delete a post about "how to train yourself" this was the post you had such a big problem with. Why? OK, if I allegedly broke the rules what did the gotfina members do that posted about their results with training with me do? You banned some of them because they posted favorably about their results with me. Are you THAT hard-up for clients? I resigned as mod at gotfina when my job prevented me from performing the duties required of me. WTF are you talking about "things didn't work out at Animals board. I have my own dedicated section their for Dogg and myself. Yes, two personal trainers that don't have to slam the other one and delete posts about the other one. As far as your statement about "H" driving this you are just full of ****. It is all you, "H" didn't say delete posts from people that speak favorable of Iron Addict. You are worried you lose busisness to me. Simple as that.

    Iron Addict

  11. Wind..I got it, that's cool, thanks. U have to realize I was following rules of ANOTHER BOARD, not this one, not mine. I carry out the wishes of Mr. H, who has plans for his board in the future. All of the mods there do what he wishes to keep continuity.

    IA......lose clients to you? Hhaha, have u SEEN my message board? For crying out loud, I had over 1 MILLION hits in 15 days in June, enough to get my to have to purchase my OWN server.

    As well, you're repeated efforts to call me "*****" clearly indicates YOU are the one who is very insecure w/your business and you have a lot of anger inside of you. You don't see me calling you "Crack Addict" or "Iron Ass" or something of that nature. Real mature there Wesley.

    Your training has NOTHING to do with what I do. When u were at GOTFINA, I used to SEND people to you! U advocate a HIT type style from a TRAINING perspective.............don't know if you realize this or not "brother", but I do DIETS.............NOT TRAINING!

    U employ HIT or a variation, I do VOLUME work if anything at all, and my focus is DIETARY CONSULTING. Last time I checked, you did TRAINING I do DIETS............they are NOTHING ALIKE in any way/shape/form.

    I am fully confident in my abilities, hence T-Mag, MuscleMag issue 258 coming out soon, and even a commercial soon to be filmed. Losing business to you has never crossed my mind IA........In fact, one of your clients was toying w/the idea of coming to me, and I asked him if IA was working for him. He said, "yes", so I said well IA knows his stuff, I'd stay w/him as if it's not broken, don't fix it.

    It's NOT an attempt to take away biz or that I'm scared to lose biz to ya.......hell, bro, I'm all OVER the place........I have more than my share of business, I have to turn people away and give them a generic diet FREE and put them on a WAITING LIST. Yes, things are that good my man.

    As well, your posts don't reach a plethora of people, only the Training Forum and Personal Trainer, I never post there. My banner is there and my own forum, why would I care about losing clients to you when you provide a totally diff. service?

    I think you've been watching too many late night gangster movies, lol........really, u have your service, that's's totally a seperate entity from what I's like me selling cars, and you selling real competition at all, so I don't see your way of arriving at your "statement" say so to make me look insecure, well, just to go my site so u can see I'm more than secure.......

    As I told Windwords, it's RULES.........Not my rules, Mr. H's rules.......u either like them or you don't. This jealousy/insecurity stuff you state about me is absurd bro, I'm more than happy w/my success.

    If you don't believe me, ask the man himself! Yeah, Mr. H......instead of calling me a liar, be adult, write to him, and see for yourself. Grow up man, you're over 40 aren't you?

    Thanks Windwords for letting me post, I won't be cast in a light as such, it's b.s.

    Last edited by SwoleCat; 07-18-2003 at 11:38 AM.

  12. NP, Swole, discussion is good.

  13. Swole

    Read the post again (How To Train Yourself). It's posted here. Ignore the last line it WAS NOT posted at Now you tell me where I "Advertise" my services. Everyone knows I'm a personal trainer. Where is the "advertisement" and why was I banned for this?

    Iron Addict

  14. IA,

    Bro, come on. You had other posts as well, not just this one. Also, which post? U have so many we can't count. As well, it was pointed out (not by me mind you) that your posts were laden with things such as "In those I train", "for those on my programs", "those who are under my guidance", etc. Roundabout advertising after receiving warnings. It's like saying that you won't openly state you train people, but you'll drop hints like mad. At first that seems fine, right, but when there are other posts that have "I am available for personal training" it doesn't fly. Again, it was not only I who took notice. Just like gear-sellers asking questions about certain no-name gear in roundabout manners in an effort to get people to pm them so they can hook em, we have tons of those too.

    You said yourself everyone knows you train, so that being said, create a banner or something, request a forum, and work a deal w/H or with some other board. It's about having something in return for advertising your services, that's all. It has nothing to do w/competition "brother" inside of you I think you know that. I am more than content w/what I do, and you've never been any kind of competition w/me trust me on that. U can do what you do, or you could quit, it would have no effect on and all that ~SC~ does.

    It's just rules that's all. Again, you stated u did not care about GotFina nor being banned, so why is it such a big deal to you then? U had a big stake there or something? I'm all for supporting trainers and helpers man, there are PLENTY of people to go around that need help, and u have a totally DIFFERENT audience than I do.........I don't care who u train, and I am not threatened at all by what you do. Hell, I used a program you gave to me w/great success, so you do very good one is downing that at all. Those who also do my SwoledUp program need pure HIT stuff at times, they ask about you, I say you are GOOD! I don't aim to "take u down"..... It's just playing by the rules and taking initiative and going after what you want. I did, I got my own home, and things have never been better. I do have duties at GotFina, yes, and it's a great location. U single me out as one who banned you, and that's funny because we could have had any moderator push that button.

    I'm done w/this discussion and the animosity. Say what you wish about me, I've given you my thoughts and all of that, so it's up to you about what you do now. You either right yourself and pull yourself up by your boot-straps and take initiative, or you continue to whine and complain. I can't concern myself w/what you choose to do. Just make sure you keep my name out of your moutn, you show your insecurities w/your name calling, and it sticks out like a sore thumb.


  15. Mann..This is jacked up. 2 of the people I look up to and respect a great deal are bumping heads.
    I know little about the situation that is blowing up now however I think it is a big miscommunication problem. I'm not taking anyones sides in this ordeal but I would like to see peace made between you two outstanding people.

    "Can't we....Can't we....just..all get along."

    Rodney K.

  16. Again Swole, everyone knows I do personal training. What was it about the post "How to Train Yourself" that was so important that it was deleted and then me banned because of it? Don't even compare my "hints" that I do PT to people that sell gear. Is that really the best you can do?

    Yes, I write training articles describing my experiences with my personal training clients. Again, why was this post deleted and why was I banned because of it? So now you ban people because of "hints" that they are a personal trainer? Yes, you are right, I am better off not there.

    Iron Addict

  17. I simply stated that was ONE example of many over the course of months. Remember that sticky that was placed about "service posting" by me. That was for you and others.........

    The day after I took it down, you had a post that specifically stated "I now have a few openings for training services".

    Now, u can tell me u didn't place that there, and we can argue all day, but I know that u know inside that u did place that there. It's how the discussion w/H in the mods forum started about you.

    Just got your e-mail, now you have a problem w/the way I talk and all huh? Saying that I talk ghetto and in too much slang. LOL.........why, worried that's too attractive to young-ins lookin' for help?

    Grow up and leave the insults alone.....first you call me Swolen*****, next you have a problem with my grammar. Let me tell you, I'm one hell of a writer and I have impeccable spelling. If you are amped to see my works, like I said, I'll have a book coming out next year with Mr. X, so you can see just how ghetto I really am.

    Windwords, I thank you for asking him to cut out the's so "ghetto"........ :>)


  18. Brothers,

    I want this to remain open and want to be a nuetral place for you two discuss your differences. All I ask is that you keep it clean and try to stay away from peronal attacks that don't have anything to do with the issue. I have the utmost respect for both of you. Please feel free to work out what you can here and know that AM has great respect for the services and expertise you bring to the BBing community.



  19. I have offered to UNBLOCK his acct @, provided he run posts by us (any mods, not just me) first as he said he would do, and if he publically apologizes for all the **** he said about me here and at Animal's board, and Lord knows where else he went of bantering childishly this a.m.

    "Swolen*****" and insulting my way of speaking and character are really f*kced up, and I don't even know why I consider going back on our actions at The one big reason is to get this crazy idea out of his "dome" that we are in some kind of competition. There is no competition......I'm all in the public, pics/articles/write-ups/magazines/message boards/flash intros/ etc., he's quiet, keeps to himself, u never see pics, offers different services, etc. I want him to realize, as well as others, that his statement of me worrying about losing clients is bull****, as it couldn't be further from the truth. We have our own unique styles and services, that's for sure. As I dold him, he could be dead/alive, quit training people on HIT and whatever, and it would have no bearing on what I do whatsoever. He said that as an excuse for his actions. I want that to be noted!

    Damn, this has taken up my morning, as if I don't have enough work already.

    Thanks Windwords........U rock......come see me @ my location so we can chat and I'll introduce you to everyone, it's a lovely location!


  20. Swole,

    Would you sincerely like resolution to this? As I just stated in my email to you, and as I am now posting openly if you REALLY did not ban me because I am taking clients lets do this:

    Unblock my account at, I will then submit any training articles I write to you for review and edits if needed. If this means that I can't write anything relating to my experiences with training clients it's meaningless because with training so many people for so long that is where the information comes from. As long as you are reasonable with any edits and I make no direct references to me taking on new clients it should not be an issue. Let me know if this is a viable solution.

    Iron Addict

  21. I'm way ahead of you......

    I'm above you......your post that is........

    So, NOW I'm "Swole"? What happened to the ***** part??

    I pride myself that even w/my "ghetto" talk as u stated to me, I didn't resort to childish name calling.

    I'll be around later this p.m. and by then H may have responded already.

    I don't need to "edit" your posts or screen them, just utilize the guidelines that were set forth in the "service posting" at and all is well. Also, the "Swolen*****" and character attacks should be addressed here, Animal's board, and wherever else your tantrum took you this a.m.

    All good after that occurs and Mr. H approves it.


  22. Agreed! Let me know what "H" says, and when my account has been reactivated.

    Iron Addict

  23. Man this is too bad to see two helpful bros having this problem. I'm neutral and both of you are welcome here as far as I'm concerned. I definitely would read both of you guys' posts as you have great information and services to offer.

  24. Why do people always try to bad mouth Swole? Hes a good bro. Im not getting involved, I just dont think its fair to hate on the man cause he's successful. Go Big Swole, do your thing



  25. Bone, I don't think that was anywhere near what IA was trying to say.. I am not taking sides on any of this.. I respect both of these gentlemen but comments like that don't help a miscommunication like this that has happend between them. I have faith that both of them will be able hash things out and get it straighten out to a point that both are agreeable to it.


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