Iron Addict Leaving

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  1. winwords- please ban me as I will not listen to basic instruction about not posting....
    Last edited by windwords7; 07-19-2003 at 01:37 PM.

  2. I think, if im right, Aggression is a side effect of steroids. I think I read that somewhere. Maybe Im wrong.

    Anyways, Look Lake, You seem like a decent guy, and I think these two are doing a fairly good job at handling there business and all. Besides it seems like aside from a couple loose strings this **** could easily be settled.
    like you said before, You could care less about forums and internet ****, so just drop it. Do like I do, save the anger for the gym (or a good fight every now and then)

    And in conclusion, I have spent many hours debating on which tv show this thread would be better suited for: Days of our lives, Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil or National Geographic channel presents when good animals go bad.
    My choice was all.
    take care Homies,
  3. Thumbs up

    Ban LakeMountD!

  4. .........

    Lake, the PM u sent was @ MY board, not You were banned there for your looking for free info about programs as well, and this was after I was sent your PM wanting to trade programs. You do that scandalous ****, u can bet your (__!__) you'll be gone from places I have tenor. You "forgetting" you sent that pm gets you the KOBE BRYANT award of the week!

    If you have further issues w/me, e-mail me directly. I prefer to NOT litter WW's board with crap, as there is enough already. You were told to NOT reply, but alas, you can't listen to rules and authority.......hmmmm, something vaguely familiar there. As well, you air your dirty laundry here again, and I believe you are following your mentor a little too closely, as that's not part of the training program you are on. You should listed to those in charge, now, you've most likely gotten yourself banned. Good thing you don't live on the boards.

    WW, feel free to lock this thread or delete it if you wish, it's just a bunch of hoopla that's pointless. Myself, Mr. H, and IA will remedy this one way or another in private, and that's the end of the story. Life goes on, this is yesterday's news. I'm done with this discussion.


  5. dude i didnt even know that not posting anymore meant not posting anymore!!!!!!!!! so now i am TRULY LOST!


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