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  1. I think its just a miscommunication issue. All of us here and other boards have a common goal of being the best we can be in the realm of fitness and physique development.
    IA and Swole are the BEST at what they do and have helped many peeps achieve their dream. The goal of both of these outstanding guys is to help people become their best.
    At some point many of us loose sight such as this issue. There will always be disagreements and different points of views but we can agree to disagree and move on.
    I support the both of you guys all the way and I'm certain there is common ground for the both of you.

  2. I have never worked with Iron addict so I cannot personally comment on him, but I have been working closely with swolecat since jan or this year, and all I can say is he is an honest, helpful person who always goes out of his way to do whatever he can to help his clients. Some freinds of mine are using his services as well and all have the same feelings! I hope this situation is worked out!

  3. I think everyone else should stay out of it and leave the thread as is at this point. It appears that they have come to an agreement and that the issue is now settled for the time being.

    Anabolicminds - "The peace makers" heh


  4. whosyourdaddy02,

    Great advice. We have exchanged a few private emails, and of course have went back and forth on a couple of boards and it appears we have reached an agreement satisfactory to both parties. You can lock this thread if you like.

    Iron Addict
  5. Good to hear it.

    Good to hear things have gotten straightend out, for all parties involved.

  6. Note,

    I am willing to regress and go back on our decision @ GotFina, yes, but ultimately that decision is NOT mine to make, it wil be Mr. H's. I say this because that's a reality and fact. If that happens, I suspect I'll be labeled "SwolenP*ssy" again, but I don't care, as that's merely what happens when your "out there" exposed. You get good w/bad, and you accept both as part of what you do.

    On another note to all, the "talking ****" about me won't hurt my business, that is not why I responded initially here, I did so for the real side of the story to come forth, not having me singled out as the "bad one" from Hell, I get bull**** defaming stories everyday, Elite has a archive of the "challenges" or "battles" foolish idiots have brought upon me, all without just due, and all fail miserably.

    Either I am one nice person, or totally crazy, to actually consider going back on my decision after being called Swolen***** and my character defamed, however I left that option open per an apology for the character bashing and the claims that I did this for "fear of losing clients". That's the most hilarious concept I must admit, but I thoroughly covered why that is b.s. There was never a real reason for that name-calling, and it severely took away from credibility of the said speaker, at least to those who have a concept of what that is, because most won't. I say that because it's f*cked that I was singled out from what was a group and board decision. Mr. H has verified this as well, so we all agreed upon it, it's what mods do in the mods forum. Normally w/any other person who had said such a thing, I'd totally write them off and have a middle finger high in the air the entire time!

    So, w/that being said, we can end all of this and turn our attention to training. It's what we all share as a common denominator in all of this.
    IA sets the record straight w/the public wherever his tantrums were thrown this a.m. and makes it clear I was not an "act alone culprit" to be called SwolenP*ssy, Mr H says it's cool, and we go from there. I'm tired of all the whining and crying and ga ga bull****, hell, let's get it over w/already....time to move whatever.... I wish to use all my energy on positive events, and if you're around my site, you know just what I'm talking about! :>) Yay......


  7. Lets see what "H" has to say about all this.

    Iron Addict

  8. i have to say that i was one of those people who posted on gotfina about how good i was doing and yes i DID GET BANNED.. i thought that was pretty childish myself.. i didnt know if that was the reason or not but considering i didnt have many posts and the few that i did have were diet questions it becomes apparent that it was for this reason.. i wasnt advertising at all.. the only thing i really said was how much he has taught me..

  9. LakeMountD, you were banned because you offered one of my clients YOUR PROGRAM FROM IA for him to send you a copy of his program FROM ME! Do you think IA would appreciate hearing this? Well, there it is, he's hearing it. You did this @ my site, and were at GotFina as well when I became aware of this "offer to exchange" you made. I know you remember that, if you don't, e-mail me and I'll send you the private message that you sent to him. Don't forget, I can read private messages as well. You stepped up to defend IA, that's great, now step down because you're pretty pitiful trying bootleg a trainer like myself and IA w/your pennies, while the other's here and afar respect IA and myself and what we do to help people. You've got no room to talk.....again, the pm is available for your review if you've got amnesia like Kobe Bryant these definitely do NOT fit the definition of a "bro"........u fit a myriad of other ones though that I won't mention here.

    IA, yes, whatever H says is what will happen. It's his board, his rules, his call. After that, you may think what you wish, but I'm done w/this already as far as I'm concerned. You blew it up into a tabloid yourself, so you can continue w/it if you wish, not me.

    Last edited by SwoleCat; 07-19-2003 at 10:12 AM.

  10. Hey,
    Im starting to see a trend here guys, This could be like a big P.R. thing or something.
    If business wasnt booming before, It should now. Especially if you guys are running around forums slapping each other around like this. Some people like this ****. The Drama and all.
    Im only ****ing with you guys, No need for all this crap. Settle it privately or it will never be settled.

    Im sure youve heard the saying "dont air your dirty laundry".

    I dont know either of you guys but as stated earlier by someone, Its probably just a miscom problem.

    And I quote.
    "Can't we....Can't we....just..all get along."
  11. Yeah.......

    Originally posted by db682

    Im sure youve heard the saying "dont air your dirty laundry".

    Bro, I couldn't agree w/you more and I wasn't the one who went around the Net throwing a **** fit temper tantrum to everyone.

    I agree, some things you do in private if they are that serious, so they may be taken seriously. Not all in the open w/name calling.


  12. hahahaha oooo kkkkk bro.. first off the kid offered to trade me and i said no so get your story straight.. second off the programs would be pointless to each other considering you and IA both tailor each program to each person..

    edit- oh yeah and to the other part i never pm'd anyone at your site.. i got the offer here on AM so i have no idea what you are talking about.. and why would i being trying to screw IA out of his pennies? i will be staying with him throughout my bodybuilding career, paying him monthly..

  13. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    hahahaha oooo kkkkk bro.. first off the kid offered to trade me and i said no so get your story straight.. second off the programs would be pointless to each other considering you and IA both tailor each program to each person..

    What part of Whosyourdaddy's statement did you not understand. He said EVERYONE else stay out of this thread from here on out. It time to close your pie hole or you will not be welcome here anymore. Is that CLEAR? Not another post in this thread or anywhere else about this subject.

  14. You said pie hole......

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  15. Thank you WW.....I agree, and after this I'm done here as well, I've turned off my "notification by e-mail" feature, it's the only reason I am here now, lol..........

    LakeMountD or IcyHotStunta #2 whatever you're sad....I'd post the PM PUBLICALLY here, but I'll save your face and I'll abide by WW's wishes, as he is someone I respect as he's the ADMIN, not you. I think you're just worried IA knows the truth as well and you attemtped to bootleg his ****. I think I'll send HIM the PM in e-mail, yes, that's a better idea. You're really dense for challenging someone w/evidence.

    Go take more pics for your website, LMFAO.......


  16. winwords- please ban me as I will not listen to basic instruction about not posting....
    Last edited by windwords7; 07-19-2003 at 01:37 PM.

  17. I think, if im right, Aggression is a side effect of steroids. I think I read that somewhere. Maybe Im wrong.

    Anyways, Look Lake, You seem like a decent guy, and I think these two are doing a fairly good job at handling there business and all. Besides it seems like aside from a couple loose strings this **** could easily be settled.
    like you said before, You could care less about forums and internet ****, so just drop it. Do like I do, save the anger for the gym (or a good fight every now and then)

    And in conclusion, I have spent many hours debating on which tv show this thread would be better suited for: Days of our lives, Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil or National Geographic channel presents when good animals go bad.
    My choice was all.
    take care Homies,
  18. Thumbs up

    Ban LakeMountD!
  19. .........

    Lake, the PM u sent was @ MY board, not You were banned there for your looking for free info about programs as well, and this was after I was sent your PM wanting to trade programs. You do that scandalous ****, u can bet your (__!__) you'll be gone from places I have tenor. You "forgetting" you sent that pm gets you the KOBE BRYANT award of the week!

    If you have further issues w/me, e-mail me directly. I prefer to NOT litter WW's board with crap, as there is enough already. You were told to NOT reply, but alas, you can't listen to rules and authority.......hmmmm, something vaguely familiar there. As well, you air your dirty laundry here again, and I believe you are following your mentor a little too closely, as that's not part of the training program you are on. You should listed to those in charge, now, you've most likely gotten yourself banned. Good thing you don't live on the boards.

    WW, feel free to lock this thread or delete it if you wish, it's just a bunch of hoopla that's pointless. Myself, Mr. H, and IA will remedy this one way or another in private, and that's the end of the story. Life goes on, this is yesterday's news. I'm done with this discussion.


  20. dude i didnt even know that not posting anymore meant not posting anymore!!!!!!!!! so now i am TRULY LOST!


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