Deads, squats, and hip pain

  1. Unhappy Deads, squats, and hip pain

    Alright, just like everyone here, I'm a huge fan of deads and squats. Only problem is, for 3-several days after doing deads or squats, I have a really bad pain in my hips. More specifically, my right pelvic bone (if I'm saying it right).

    Is there any way to strengthen this area, or perhaps some exercises to help warm up for deads so that this doesn't happen? I would HATE to give up these exercises.

  2. adduction/abduction movement would strengthen the inner and outer sweeps of your upper thighs/hip. As far warming up for such big core movements in squatting and deadlifting, any type of cardio machine, light 5-6 minute warmup pretty much essential. Going through the actual movement of the exercise without any reistance/weight, for high reps before your working sets, a good prep. Always have a few warm up sets before working sets.
    Stretching...... lateral (side to side) stretches as well as lunge type stretches will loosen up the muscles involved around the hip flexors.

  3. Sorry, I was a bit vague. It's nothing to do with my thighs, and now that I think about it, nothing to do with my hips. It's right in the area where the lower back meets the glutes. I guess it's called the pelvis, if I remember right. I definitely do warmup sets, and the light cardio doesn't sound like a bad idea.

    But I think it's more than that.

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