workout help

  1. workout help

    Iam a firefighter and I work 48 hrs on and 24 hrs off. This is a routine i was going to start see what you guys think and let me know if it will work. I cant lift heavy at work due to lack of weight and no free weights.

    Weight 175, 5'10
    Lifting for 7 years

    Off from work day 1
    Incline bench 4X 5-8
    Squats 4 X 5-8
    decline bench 3x8
    deadlifts 3x 6
    military press 3x8
    shrugs 3x6
    standing calf raises

    work 1st 24
    bis and tris
    bent row
    seated row
    incline flyes
    leg ext and leg curl

    off second 24

    repeat for day off work
    repeat for 1st 24 at work


    supplements will be
    pulseing epistane with 6 0x0 on off days
    no xplode
    cell tech
    cycle support
    flax oil
    redline in am only

    let me know what you think any help will be is very hard to workout with my type of work

  2. All in all it looks like you are making the best of your situation. Doesnt look too bad at all IMO. However, why are you taking 6 OXO on off days? I don't think I would do that if I were you. Either take epi every day or just pulse it without the 6OXO. Also, what you got planned for PCT?

  3. i was going to cont 6oxo. i read several post by different users and it was split 50/50 on the 6oxo during epi pulseing. i also will cont to use 6oxo in post cycle along with support supp. my dose of epi is low at 20 mg 3 times a week. iam not prone to gyno and everyone i have talked to says it should be ok.

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