Need a full body workout

  1. Need a full body workout

    My gains have gone stagnant. Be and ectomorph I trying to burn as less calories as I can and trying to conserve as much energy as possible, so doing isolation exercises to me are just additional ways to burn calories. So 3 day a week for me sounds better than 5 days a week. I have looked into DC training but it seems complicated and seems you have to be moderately strong just to do the program. Are there any ecto's that have found a good full body routine that works for them.

    Is a 3 day a week program the most effective for a ectomorph high metabolism trainee.

  2. Although I'm not an ecto...IMO... a good 3 day, fullbody is good for anyone, regardless of bodytype. If you haven't done so already, check out some of the HST routines.

  3. DC and HST are very complicated requires alot of reading and knowing the programs inside and out. I thinking I would fair better with and upper lower routine then once I go stagnant switch to a 5x5.

    Can anyone offer a solid Upper/Lower program (saves me some reading )

  4. FB routine, 3 days a week, 2 sets of each exercise:

    Straight Leg Deadlift
    T-Bar Rows
    Lat Pulldown
    Bench Press
    Incline Press
    Shoulder Press
    Rear Delt Flyes
    Close-Grip Bench and/or Dips
    Hammer Curls and/or Preacher Curls

    You end up hitting each body part for about 12 sets in one week, which is you were on a traditional split, would be similar in volume since you'd be hitting each group probably once a week.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by smoundzou View Post
    Although I'm not an ecto...IMO... a good 3 day, fullbody is good for anyone, regardless of bodytype. If you haven't done so already, check out some of the HST routines.
    I agree about the HST, I prefer to do more days or else I would used HST by now.

  6. DC is good you can modify it if you wish to fit your needs. I dont think you have to be strong to do it, just use lighter weight. I dont see why you would think that. I hear Westside Barbell training is good for ectos but i havent read up on it.

  7. I'm not really an ecto but i find it very hard to gain muscle.

    here's something i've done and found effective. 2 workouts a week...

    workout one.
    deadlift: warm ups then 5 sets of three

    barbell row, 5x5

    mil press: 5x5

    workout two.
    squat: 5x5

    dip: 5x5

    chin 5x max reps.

    It's as basic as it gets but if you work hard within it it will hit all your muscles and make them grow.

    replace dips with bench if you prefer.

    replace chins or rows with power cleans if you can do them safely.:clean:

  8. Ive been doing this for the last 2 months and have excellent gains.


    chest - incline db press
    back - bb row
    triceps - CG bench press
    biceps - incline db curl
    legs - back squat / front squat
    shoulders - arnold press

    switch up the reps. I usually go heavy for 3x6, but sometimes i will switch it up and go 8 reps.


  9. You can do HST any number of days a week: 3, 6, 12. Currently I'm doing 6 and I am an ecto. And HST really isn't all that complicated.

    My current plan is a modified HST program (1 full set, 1 cluster set per workout, continuous rep scheme).

    Incline Dumbell Press
    EZ Bar Upright Row
    Hammer Machine Row
    Hammer Machine Leg Press
    Seated Calf Raise

    Incline Supinating Curls

    Post Workout HIIT

  10. Actually, I think people tend to complicate HST while the principals of the routine are actually very simple..

  11. Supersetting is designated by the use of letters and numbers i.e. A1 and A2 or B1 and B2. First perform the A1 movement. Rest the prescribed amount of time and then perform the A2 movement. Continue alternating between the two exercises until all the recommended sets of each are complete.

    Tempo (the speed at which you perform the movement) is designated with a three-digit number in units of seconds i.e. (301). The first number is the eccentric or lowering portion, the second number indicates the isometric or pause, and the final number is the concentric or positive portion. For example, on a bench press with a 311 tempo you would lower the load for three seconds, pause on the chest for one second, and then extend to the start in one second. Note: "X" denotes explosive effort.

    Day One

    A1 - Step Ups 4 x 12 (20X) 60 sec
    A2 - Chin Ups 4 x 10 (311) 60 sec

    B1 - Lunges (dynamic) 3 x 12 (311) 45 sec
    B2 - Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 3 x 10-12 (411) 45 sec

    C1 - Seated Leg Curl 3 x 10 (401) 45 sec
    C2 - Barbell Shoulder Press 3 x 12 (311) 45 sec

    D1 - Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl 2 x 10-12 (411) 30 sec
    D2 - Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 2 x 10-12 (422) 30 sec

    Day Two

    A1 - Deadlift 4 x 10-12 (311) 60 sec
    A2 - Swiss Ball Push Ups 4 x 12-15 (222) 45 sec

    B1 - Leg Press 3 x 12-15 (411) 60 sec
    B2 - Seated Cable Row w/rope to Neck 3 x 10-12 (321) 45 sec

    C1 - Single Standing Leg Curl 3 x 10 (411) 45 sec
    C2 - Lateral Raise 3 x 12 -15 (221) 45 sec

    D1 - Barbell Curl 2 x 10 - 12 (311) 45 sec
    D2 - EZ Bar French Press (seated) 2 x 10- 12 (311) 30 sec

    Day Three

    A1 - Squat 4 x 12-15 (401) 60 sec
    A2 - Bench Press 4 x 10-12 (411) 60 sec

    B1 - Lunge (static) 3 x 15 (311) 60 sec
    B2 - Barbell Rows 3 x 12 (311) 60 sec

    C1 - Good Mornings 3 x 10 (312) 60 sec
    C2 - Standing Alt. Dumbbell Press 3 x 12 (201) 45 sec

    D1 - Reverse Barbell Curls 2 x 12 -15 (212) 30 sec
    D2 - Triceps Pushdowns (underhanded) 2 x 12 -15 (312) 30 sec

    Note that those are workout days, do them M W F, or if you are really a tough guy (or on gear) you can do them in a 3 days out of 5 rotation

  12. Mon
    Heavy Push (BB Bench)
    Medium Pull (Rows)
    Light Legs (Leg Curls/Ext or Leg Press)

    Heavy Pull (Pull Ups)
    Medium Legs (Leg Press)
    Light Press (Dips)

    Heavy Legs (Squats)
    Medium Press (DB incline)
    Light Pull (Cable Rows)

    Figure your own volume & add isolation exercises as you see fit.


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