Ideas for struggling arm growth?

  1. Question Ideas for struggling arm growth?

    Hey bros~
    I've been on a 5 day split for a good while now, changing up a few things here and there, but for the most part the same routine with 1 body part per day. I wanted your opinions on what you think is best for arm growth. My routine has been day-1 Chest
    2- back
    3- legs
    4- shoulders
    5- arms

    I was thinking about possibly going to a 4 day per week
    day-1 chest/tri's
    day-2 back/bi's
    day-3 shoulders/traps
    day-4 legs

    Whats your opinions on the pro's/con's of 1 part per day vs combining muscle groups?
    thx~~~ freq

  2. my bi's have grown quite a bit by doing them in the DC way. But for the record you will increase arm size more by increasing tricep size. Tris will make the arm look bigger so that is where you need to focus. Heavy standing ez bar curls have helped my bis the most and overhead tricep cable extensions for tris...this is just me tho. Some believe in high rep and frequency some say low freq with high intensity, who knows......

  3. imo the issue for most people struggling to grow arms is too many isolation movements. Arms will grow when you increase your compound movements like rows, chins and presses. Other the BB curls and skulls, I don't even do any other exercise for arms. Dips for me are the ultimate triceps builder.

  4. My tri's most definitely are the ones struggling, never had a problem with getting my bi's to grow. Lately I haven't even been able to get my tri's sore.

  5. close grip benches (elbows tucked not flared), reverse grip benches (close grip), skullcrushers, and straight bar pushdowns in the 6-8 rep range will put on some mass.
    don't do tri's after chest if they're problematic. also remember it could be genetics holding u back. i for example, have insane tri's but pretty bad genetics for bi's and even worse for ya never know

  6. Well I do chest on mon and arms on fri, so tri's are pretty rested before hitting them directly. Currently do about 9-12 sets for tri's on arm day.


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