Poor Iron Addict

  1. Poor Iron Addict

    Well bros, Iron Addict has agreed to take me on as a client. As many of you know, I have been a volume fan for a good long time, yet I have referred many to him, and those that have worked with him, I have seen have amazing results. Therefore, I have joined on as yet another Iron Addict client.

    HOWEVER, I NEVER said I would make it easy. I have recently recieved a contract for residential trash collection. Since I do not want to hire anyone, with the economy being what it is, I will be running it, which means five days a week, I will be in and out of a garbage truck 800 times a day, picking up about 15,000 to 20,000 pounds of trash a day. Somehow, I suspect this is going to be a slight drain on my bodys resources

    I will let all of you know my progress. Lets just say, if IA can make me gain under these circumstances, he can make ANY of you grow, and every damn one of you should look seriously into becoming an IA client, no matter HOW long you have been training!!

  2. Geez, I do feel for IA now.. nothing like handling a overworked Wardog..

  3. well youre always overworked...just this time its physically...good luck with the program and keep us posted

  4. Enjoy, and........................qui t whining

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  6. Originally posted by bow
    Shop Leagalgear.com; the one stop shop for all of your supplement and waste management needs

    I feel for IA. Good luck Wardog, hope things work out well.

  7. I'm excited for you man! The best gains I make are on simple, intense Iron Addict type routines.

  8. Well, his program is certainly elegant in its simplicity. It is very obvious he took into account all of my goals and bodypart development priorities in his construction of my program. So far I am extremely impressed.

    Ahh, but how will it do against the catabolism I am putting my body thru each day? The experiment begins

  9. Keep us updated.

  10. congradulations amigo! nothing better than getting on a program that motivates and involves us! Faith is key too if we are to stick to the regime and get the results...so WD, test the strength of your convictions on the Iron grid (the gym brother man!!) nad get pumpin!! best of results and health to you amigo man!!


  11. The best of luck to you ... This will be a tough one

  12. how do i get in touch with ironaddict for consultations?

  13. Email him I think Wojo check his training posts..

  14. just pm'd him...thanx matt

  15. so whats goin on wardog? any gains? only been a week or 2 but come on man, don't keep us out on this one!! hehe

  16. has he killed you?? is that why there is no energy left to post results?? lol

    IronAddict killed the wolfman guys!!! lol!! what do we do??

    ok... nuff with my corney ass jokes... so tell us already...the details of your program and what are you doing to compliment it... that's what iron bros want to know... and what your results are like...your adaptations...etc... anyways...I am hoping the best for you, as new programs ARE exciting...I've said it b-4 and we all know it, if we're in the gym..

    so be gone with ya!!



  17. well im signed on with ia and plan to start soon as i have program in hand which should be tomorrow night


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