Definition: Back Pump

  1. Definition: Back Pump

    Hey Guys,

    I see this question over and over, I understand the concept, have looked for a defining explanation and come up with zero results.

    Please will someone give a clear sentence or two / dictionary explanation of what a debilitating back pump is that people experience while doing squats or taking PH's / PS's etc:

    <Insert Explantion Here>

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    Much Love,


  2. basically imagine how your biceps feel when you do curls after taking a NOS supplement then apply that same feeling to those 2 rather large muscles of the lower back. It is a constantly contracted feeling like they just will not relax. It also makes you walk around with your back arched like you have something stuck up your arse. The best way to avoid it is to drink plenty of water and take taurine. Doing crunches and other ab excercises between sets of deads or squats also helps to stretch it out and tone the muscles which have to fight it.

  3. Thanks for replying guys. I know what they are, I am specifically looking for a type explanation. One sentence or two on What it is and what causes. Some kind of semi scientific well thought out response is needed.

    I have not found or received the answer yet.

    Keep going!

  4. Ok this wil prolly suck to but ill try..haha

    Forcing the flow of blood into a group of tissue when the tissue is working harder to supply circulation for it to function.
    Pumps alsop help to flow nutrients to the tissue due to the increae in blood flow, ill see if i can get better.
    We allowed to source the info where we find it...its only legal.

  5. i dont expect reps for thsi and i hope its an OK link. nothing to sell just Med Info.

    PS a back pump is just a specific pump, like saying calf pump.

  6. atomic bomb cures all pumps

  7. There is a phenomenon called a tampenade that usually occurs as a result of trauma to an area that is heavily encased in fascia. In the traumatic form, a damaged blood supply bleeds into a muscle belly until it becomes so full within the fascial body that it blooks the escape of the very blood that is overfilling it (think priapism for your muscle).

    Pump is the non-traumatic version of this process. Essentially, the fascia don't really stretch, but the muscle sure does. The fascia acts like a **** ring. This effect is exacerbated by the presence of extra blood (PH, steroids, and vasodialators), glycogen, and lactic acid.

  8. little off topic:

    I have been getting tightness in my lower back after some of my workouts. I work a lot at stretching the area, and try to really strengthen it cause I know my family has a history of lower back and knee probs.

    today took it too far. After my gym sesh, I knew I had tightnes, but wanted to play golf. Well all that twisting and walking aggravated my sciatic nerve, by tenth hole, lost mobilty in my left leg, severe pain, felt like a 80 year old man shuffling around holding his back.

    point of story: be careful!
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  9. Ouch. Hope you get better.

    Also, it very much seems that a huge back pump puts enormous pressure on the lumbar region. It can get hard to walk much less bend over.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    Ouch. Hope you get better.

    Also, it very much seems that a huge back pump puts enormous pressure on the lumbar region. It can get hard to walk much less bend over.

    I am no med student, but I believe that is what happened to me, then I made it worse by increasing the stress by golfing. It is tied to the sciatic nerve at the hip region, and too much pressure in the area means BOOM, back pain, leg pain, cant move. It can be caused by something serious like herniated or slipped discs, or by muscle spasms and low blood flow due to continual muscle contraction to the lower lumbar and gluteal regions. There are other conditions that are close to this as well, as sciatica is a description of symptoms, not a true diagnosis.

    Sucks because I love doing my big three, and taking time off from squats deads and bench is gonna upset me. And I was playing at 1 over par until the pain took over.

    If it seems more like muscle soreness, you will be alright with hydration and rest without over exertion. If it seems deeper in the skeletal muscle bed, I would be very careful to relieve the pressure asbest you can. You dont want to be put out of commission.

  11. Inversion table or gravity boots asap...saved me many times.

  12. Ugh dont talk to me about back pumps. Past week and a half they have been major. Nothing like feeling a huge acid build up and it feels real right and you cant get rid of it. I wonder if people wonder why I walk around slow holding my lower back then sitting down crunched over waiting for my next set. 6 more weeks of this crap

  13. I thought it was pain coming from the kidneys?

  14. I was standing military pressing thursday and was in so much pain i had to sit down in between sets....

  15. My buddy who took epi told me that the 17AA in the epi made your pee more acidic and it kills ur kidneys.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by joeyd54543 View Post
    I thought it was pain coming from the kidneys?
    A back pump is not pain from your kidneys, its your muscles ripping out of your back. Kinda like if they were exploding, and in the process crushing ur spin sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by joeyd54543 View Post
    My buddy who took epi told me that the 17AA in the epi made your pee more acidic and it kills ur kidneys.
    the 17a means its a methylated substance. It doesnt damage your kidneys by making ur pee acidic per say(I dont think) the methyl bit means that your body cant break it down as easy which puts stress on your liver and kidney because its something it doesnt naturally deal with. In a sense, its literally poison.
  17. jim623
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    I hope you don't mind Dr.D!!!

    Dr. D's description of back pump:

    The back pumps can have different causes, but I think it's mostly related to nephrotropic effects. Epithelial cells in the area of the proximal and distal tubuli controrti become hypertropic and increase in size and weight, especially with 5a-reduced orals. The cells of the parietal leaf of the Bowman's capsule increase in thickness. Protein, water content and enzymes increase proportional to the weight change. Acidosis and mineral retention means that not only are the kidneys bigger, but they are holding more electrolytes so they're swollen too. Increased blood flow to the capsule may play a role too.

    As far as Taurine helping, I think that's possibly related to it's correction of rapid osmotic changes in the kidney and muscle cells. Taurine helps cells hold potassium and magnesium, but simultaneously discourages sodium retention. If you're already on a good potassium supplement (1g potassium gluconate 3x/day), I don't think taurine is generally needed.

  18. pump is addictive and means that your workout hit the target. Why would anyone would take supplement to hinder it?

  19. serious rep for the answers


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