1. triathalon

    Im planning to compete in half triathalon for the first time in september, anyone ever do one or have a good training routine? any help would be great--thanks

  2. i had a client back in the spring who wanted help for a triathalon himself. main focus during training should be for endurance and getting your body in a state where your muscles can handle long periods of movements (obviously)
    High repition sets, with main emphasis on core movements for the lower half, abdominals, and shoulder/arms were our focus. 15-20 rep front squats, lunges, step-ups, isolated leg presses for example (legs). a good amount of rotator work (external/internal rotators, cuban presses, super 8's for shoulders). Super 8's is pretty much done by doing side laterals 8 times, holding at the peack position on the 8th rep, then going right into front raises 8 times, holding, then into L-laterals, again 8 times, holding, then finally into shoulder presses 8 times with a light dumbell. Dont neglect your midsection, for the fact that your body's center endures alot of the torque when running, cycling, swimming, walkin, etc
    As far as cardio goes, again incorporate a setting where its similar to the actual triathalon. Im sure you will have a better idea of what this would be. But for resistance training part of your prep, keep it high intensity, minimal rest periods between sets, high repitions...making it as aerobic as possible man. Good Luck

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