best bodybuilding book?

  1. best bodybuilding book?

    I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a great bodybuilding book. Ideally, one that covers exercises, nutrition, and has sample workouts and/or meal plans.

    I've read "Gaining Mass" by Anthony Ellis...loved it. It seems to be designed more for "hard gainers" though....

    What is considered to be "the bible of bodybuilding"? What has worked for you guys??? I want the best!


  2. Arnold's Encyclopedia has to be up there, maybe not the best but definately popular and worth reading.

    There's also a guy (Chad Waterbury) that writes articles at t-nation that just came out with a new one, think it's called Body Evolution. His routines are definately not typical bb routines, but interesting nonetheless.

  3. Check out Brawn and Beyond Brawn. There are a lot of different theories in there with some really old school techniques that i think a lot of people have forgotten about.

    i cant remember the name of the author but google it and you'l be sorted.

  4. awesome thanks!

  5. Scivation makes a few good ones. Some are online as well.

  6. There is no "best" one per say. Arnold's Ency has some good stuff. Take what is useful to you from all the books and what isnt throw it away. MAY50 50 % off
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  7. Building The Perfect Beast Naturaly By Eric Broser And Author L. Rae

  8. VIDA: Androgens and anabolic agents

  9. Any book that has 50+ pages detailing proper squat form deserves a read. I've been lifting for 2 years seriously and this book taught me new things

  10. Stuart McRobert - BRAWN

  11. Arnold's Enc. has some cool exercises listed in their, but don't attempt most of his programs unless you carry a Pez dispenser stocked with D-Bol, just like Arnie.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by btech View Post
    Stuart McRobert - BRAWN
    Thats the one!!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by btech View Post
    Stuart McRobert - BRAWN
    I made my best bulk and strength gains from this book many years ago.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Sunder View Post
    I made my best bulk and strength gains from this book many years ago.
    Quote Originally Posted by Australian made View Post
    Thats the one!!
    Glad you guys liked it as well.

    Have you checked out BEYOND BRAWN as well?

    I know he has written a few others, I have not checked 'em out....are they any good?

  15. I just purchaed, The New Rules Of Lifting... haven't had a chance to read all of it but so far seems pretty good. It also has several differnt routines listed, strength, hypertrophy etc... Might be worth looking into, I've heard nothing but good things about it....


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