cardio while bulking

  1. cardio while bulking

    alright, right now im trying to gain the most size in muscle that i can. will doing interval training a few times a week affect the muscle growth. i heard that interval training only burns fat not so much the muscle. Is there truth to that?

  2. I plan to do "cardio" 2 times a week during my bulk. IE 400cals per sessions of incline walking haha. As long as your eating enough and not running 5 days a week I see no wrong in doing some cardio in a bulking season

  3. I do minimal cardio and was doing NONE I had some high BP issues 140/78 and was a little worried so I started to ride the bike 2-3 times per week. I haven't noticed any difference except that today for squats I was only able to do 6 squats @225 vs normally 8 on my last set, maybe this is the bike, maybe it was just a bad day

  4. I never, ever neglect cardio. Of course while you're bulking you dont want to go crazy, but a 10 minute warm up and 20 min 1-3 days a week is going to have far more benefits than it will negative consequences in terms of overall health.


  5. Excellent article originally posted on Mind and Muscle.



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