The race to 200 lbs!!!

  1. The race to 200 lbs!!!

    Guys I wanted to share some pictures of myself on my track to 200lbs. Under my myspace profile, I have some pic's of my 3 1/2 month journey to 200lb's. I started at 145 and I now weigh 180 as of this moring. If I may suggest, tracking your progress through pictures is great motivation. Please do not take this post as spam. I just wanted to share my progress... Thanks

    P.S I need to switch up my training, any advice would be great.


  2. Did you go from 145 to 180 naturally?

  3. I did one month of AX massfx/Hyper2/Retain. But I only noticed about 5lbs gain. You have to eat eat eat!

  4. damn 30 pounds in 3 1/2 months!? no way how did you manage to do that and still have your abs o.0? I bulked over the summer and only managed to pull off 16 as of today. 2 months 16 pounds and sweated my balls off for that :[

  5. WOW, nice if you did it natty, even if you din't tho. I got 30 in 2 1/2 years...but it was mostly muscle and gained a ridiculous amount of strength.

  6. man i got a long way to go. 186 and climbing

  7. Man all I could get in 3 months was 10 pounds... Which Im happy about but Id be crazy if I got 30 in those three... Congrats man keep up the work. Im on my way to 215lbs but a long way from it.

  8. From 145 to 180 in 3 and 1/2 months is do-able naturally, though it obviously isn't all muscle. But if people want their gains to be strictly muscle, which is nearly impossible, then they can enjoy their 10 lean lbs a year. Good work by the way. I am naturally skinny and can put on a ridiculous amount of weight if I eat a lot as well. Congrats once again, I know it took a lot of work. My girlfriend has watched me almost throw up multiple times from eating. Once I got passed 200 it became harder and harder. Eating 3500-4000 calories is one thing, but anything over that and eating really does become a job haha. Although, I do not have the largest appetite, but I can eat every 15 minutes, so I am sure it is easier for people with large appetites.


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