anyone tried the Ultimate Mass Workout from

  1. anyone tried the Ultimate Mass Workout from

    Alright let me start off by explaining the gist of the routines they provide. They reduce the overall number of sets per body part because at the end of your working set they ask you to do what they call an X-rep, an 8-inch pulse in the semi- stretched position once you've reached positive failure on your working set.

    I'm currently doing the 4 day split that they provided, and I'm curious to know if you guys think I should stick to this routine. I seem to get sore after every workout though and that's not something that used to happen for me using 3 sets for 4 exercises per major body part and 3 sets for 3 sets for 3 exercises for smaller body parts twice a week. But when on cycle I would make phenomenal gains, so I never really tried anything new which is what I wanted to try to do.

    here is what the routine looks like,

    Monday (repeat Thursday)
    Calves: Treadmill (Work up to hills) 20 min
    Calves: Standing calf raises (X rep below middle) 2 X 15-20
    Quads: Squats or hack Squats* (X above middle) 2 X 8-12
    Hamstrings: Feet forward front squats (X above middle) 2 X 6-8
    Abs: Hanging Kneeups (X Middle) 2 X 8-12
    Abs:Ab bench crunch pulls or Cable crunches (X Middle) 2 X 8-12

    Tuesday (repeat Friday)
    Lower Back: Deadlifts* or stiff legged deadlifts (X Below middle) 2X 8-10
    Lats: V Handle pulldowns or V handle chins* (X middle) 2 X 8-12
    Midback: Chest- supported rows* (X middle) 2 X 8 - 12
    Chest: Decline presses* (X Below Middle) 2 X 8 - 12
    Chest: Incline Pressses (X below middle) 2 X 8 - 12
    Delts (medial head): Dumbbell upright rows* (X below middle) 2 X 8-12
    Delts (front head) Smith machine presses* (X middle) 2 X 8-12
    Triceps: Dips (Elbows in; X Middle) 2 X 8-12
    Biceps: Undergrip Chins (X middle) 2 X 8-12
    Brachialis: Incline Curls (X below middle) 2 X 8-12

    *Do one to two light warmup sets with about 50 percent of your work weight on the first set and 80 percent prior to your work sets...

    I also forgot to add that I am currently on cycle, Oratropin-1, Equipose 400 mg/week, and Epistane 30mg. I'm just looking for some advice because I really want to get more size than anything out of this cycle. Can anyone critique this workout for me and let me know if I'm not getting enough working sets to stimulate muscle growth.

    Any advice would help me out greatly. Thanx.

  2. well since no one'll answer the above... just answer this please... so soreness is a good sign right? because before when i'd be on cycle i'd never get sore but with this new workout im sore the next day after every single workout.. i should take that as a good sign right?

  3. Means somethings working. I love feeling sore makes me feel like ive done something
  4. Never enough
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    Quote Originally Posted by djrobroe View Post
    well since no one'll answer the above... just answer this please... so soreness is a good sign right? because before when i'd be on cycle i'd never get sore but with this new workout im sore the next day after every single workout.. i should take that as a good sign right?
    If you are feeling sore on that (Oratropin-1, Equipose 400 mg/week, and Epistane 30mg) then damn yeah i'd think thats a good sign. I'd think that managing to get sore on oratropin would be hard
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  5. after every single workout though im sore... its weird... lol cuz im not used to it but i guess its a good sign.. i dont think equipoise has really kicked in yet as its only been a week and a half and effects arent felt til about the second week...

    but im a lil worried cuz im kinda doing 3 week bulk... and then a 3 week cut... but i already eat alot as it is... i eat about 4k calories a day with ease i stop myself because i dont wanna gain too much fat...

    but when i start cutting i'll be eating 1800 calories... ... im gonna die cuz equipose increases my appetite and so does oratropin....

  6. how long have you been doing this routine for?

  7. Looks interesting. I usually use train 4x a week. How is your progress so far? Is this intended for cutting?

  8. its actually meant for bulking but ive incorporated it into my cutting cycle... so far things have been a lil rough in the cutting category...

    I missed about 2 days of the gym last weekend due to a class exam for real estate.... today i feel like complete ****...

    so far during the cut my strength hasn't increased at all. I've lost about 4 lbs in a week and a half.... though it seems like i've lost about 0.25 inches on my arms and no size on my chest during that time....

    ive split up my workout but still follow about the same amount of sets...
    day 1: chest and triceps
    day 2: back, biceps and abs
    day 3:shoulders
    day 4: legs and abs
    day 5: rest....

    then repeat the cycle all over again... because during the cut the upper body workout was too much to handle on one day... especially for my shoulders...

  9. oh yea and i do cardio every single day....

  10. Wow...good luck. Do you know of anyone who's successfully used this mehod in a bulk?


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