Hey peeps maybe someone on here can give me a hand.
I just started training new gym and inside they have alot of the gear that they use in strongmen competition.
I recently started using the Tires, weighted sled, and the huge rocks that you pick up and set on the pedistal.
Im not training for these strongman events but Im trying to incorporate these new functional exercises into my routine to add more explosiveness in my fight game. Im a semi pro submission wrestler, so things like 450lb tire flips, sprinting through a warehouse dragging 350lbs behind me and doing box jumps and kettle bell swings seems like all good stuff for me to be doing. My rouitine normaly looks like this

2FT box jumps, sets of 20 with 45sec - 1 min break in between each set for 30 min avg hrt is about 168

450LB tire flips 6 x 6

350LB sled drag, The distance ie about 40 yrds on concrete I do about 8 sprints dragging with this or until my legs just cash out.

I also do regular cardio and weight training.
But I want to know if anyone else does any type of training like this and what your routine is like. Also if you can throw in any other exercises you can think about that would help with my explosiveness.