rack pull reps range?

  1. rack pull reps range?

    What's the common set/rep range for doing rack pulls?
    I've been doing 2 warmup sets then sets of 10/8/6 reps. I'm still new to doing them and keep it light enough so I don't hurt myself.

  2. I started doing this a month ago. I usually do this in place of deads and add good morning into my routine on rack pull days. I do 5 sets 20/15/8/8/4. Followed by shrugs 1 set or 10 but with light weight. It definetly works for me. Have you ever tried face pulls? They reall really focus on the traps i love those now too. Good luck.
    PS- took awhile for me to figure otu what worked best. Many say i over do things a bit but i am cofortable where i am as far as sets and reps.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll check out face pulls.

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